Advanced Technology and Robust Backups Ensuring Uninterrupted Power Supply for G20 Summit

As India prepares to host the highly anticipated G20 Summit, a meticulous approach to maintaining uninterrupted power supply has taken center stage. Leveraging the latest technological advancements, authorities have implemented a series of measures to guarantee a seamless power experience at the venue, Pragati Maidan. With the critical role of consistent power supply during such a global event, power discom BSES has executed a comprehensive strategy to ensure reliability and continuity.

Enhancing the power supply infrastructure, BSES has initiated a multi-faceted approach to meet the requirements of the G20 Summit at Pragati Maidan. One of the key enhancements includes the establishment of three distinct power sources to bolster reliability. A network of cables, spanning a length of three kilometers, has been meticulously laid to establish a connection with the ITPO grid. This strategic move offers enhanced flexibility in power distribution and resilience in the face of challenges.

Furthermore, BSES has fortified the power infrastructure by installing three 1,600 KVA distribution transformers, poised to serve as reliable backup sources. These transformers are equipped with advanced changeover systems, introducing multiple layers of automatic backup. This innovative setup ensures a seamless transition of power supply in the event of cable failure, thus eliminating any potential disruptions.

Elaborating on this intricate mechanism, a BSES official explained, “In the highly unlikely event of one cable failing, the power supply will automatically and seamlessly switch to the second cable. If the second cable also fails, the system will switch to the third source.” This sophisticated approach underscores the commitment to maintaining an uninterrupted and consistent power supply throughout the summit.

In tandem with these installations, BSES is establishing a dedicated 24×7 control room at Pragati Maidan. Manned by a team of 20 experienced professionals at all times, this control room will play a pivotal role in closely monitoring the power supply dynamics. Equipped with advanced technology, the team will oversee the power supply intricacies during the two-day G20 Summit, ensuring swift response and resolution in case of any potential disruptions.

The comprehensive approach by BSES extends beyond physical infrastructure to encompass advanced technology integration. Among the notable technological systems deployed are supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), distribution management system (DMS), and Geographic Information System (GIS). These systems facilitate real-time monitoring of power supply not only at the G20 venue but also across the city. This real-time oversight ensures quick identification of any faults or anomalies and enables rapid restoration measures.

Highlighting these technological advancements, the BSES official emphasized, “Systems such as SCADA, DMS, and GIS allow for swift restoration in case of faults.” These sophisticated systems, intrinsic to India’s power distribution sector, contribute to the overall robustness of the power supply infrastructure, bolstering the G20 Summit’s operational efficiency.

As the countdown to the G20 Summit gains momentum, the meticulous preparations surrounding power supply underscore the comprehensive approach taken by authorities. The integration of cutting-edge technology, multi-layered backups, and diligent monitoring mechanisms serve as pillars of assurance, ensuring that the summit proceeds without interruptions.

In conclusion, the G20 Summit’s power supply strategy exemplifies the fusion of technology and infrastructure, aimed at providing a seamless and uninterrupted experience. BSES’s commitment to enhancing power reliability, backed by advanced systems and strategic backups, serves as a testament to India’s preparedness for hosting a global event of this magnitude. As the world’s attention turns to the summit, the unobtrusive presence of robust power supply mechanisms will contribute to the success of the event, underscoring India’s capability to orchestrate and manage international gatherings efficiently.

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