Aishwarya Bhende: Revolutionizing Mumbai’s Tourism Sector with India’s First Floating Restaurant

Aishwarya Bhende
Aishwarya Bhende
Aishwarya Bhende
Aishwarya Bhende

Mumbai, India – Aishwarya Bhende, a young and dynamic entrepreneur, has set her sights on transforming the hospitality sector in Mumbai, India’s financial capital. Inspired by her exposure to European waterfronts during her formative years, Aishwarya recognized the immense potential that lay untapped along Mumbai’s beautiful coast. This realization sparked a vision that would ultimately lead to the creation of India’s first floating restaurant, AB Celestial.

In an exclusive interview with Shreyas Webmedia Solutions (SWS), Aishwarya Bhende, the Founder of AB Celestial, shared the passion and challenges behind her journey in establishing her tourism empire. Gracious with her time, Aishwarya delved into the motivations and aspirations that drove her to become an entrepreneur in the tourism sector at the young age of 23.

Having witnessed the positive impact of waterfronts on tourism in other countries, Aishwarya recognized the potential of Mumbai’s coastline as an underutilized gem. Armed with a business degree and a strong interest in hospitality, Aishwarya and her dedicated team embarked on a three-year journey to bring Mumbai its first luxury dining experience on a floating restaurant – AB Celestial.

Creating a floating restaurant proved to be a novel and challenging concept. Aishwarya explained that numerous hurdles had to be overcome during the establishment of AB Celestial. From obtaining licenses to constructing a dedicated road for the project, every aspect had to be meticulously planned. The interior design required careful consideration to ensure a unique and captivating ambiance. Furthermore, specialized fittings and skilled labor were essential to transform the vision into reality. A professional team was assembled not only for restaurant operations but also for the ship’s crew, who live aboard the vessel 24/7, ensuring the highest standards of safety.

Aishwarya’s journey as a businesswoman has become an inspiration for many. When asked about this, she humbly stated that she perceives herself as someone who is passionate about hospitality and someone who paved her own path in the industry. She believes that women have excelled in various fields and positions not solely because of their gender, but because of their intelligence and skill. Aishwarya firmly believes that women are defying gender stereotypes and leaving their mark on the business world.

Recognizing her exceptional achievements, Aishwarya has received numerous awards and accolades. While being featured in prestigious magazines such as THE ENTREPRENEUR, ELLE, and HELLO, she has also been invited as a guest speaker at events and on various platforms. However, Aishwarya considers the opportunity to speak on panels and share her experiences with young people and aspiring entrepreneurs as her most significant achievement. She takes pride in assisting others in overcoming their fears and barriers to personal growth.

When asked about the mantra “Anchoring your dreams into reality,” Aishwarya emphasized the importance of transforming dreams into achievable goals. She firmly believes that if one can dream it, one can achieve it, and that true success lies beyond one’s comfort zone.
Explaining her decision to focus on the tourism sector, Aishwarya highlighted Mumbai’s status as a commercial capital and one of the most visited cities globally. She observed that despite Mumbai’s stunning coastal location, many people travel to other cities like Goa and Cochin to experience waterfronts and beaches. Aishwarya’s goal was to curate a luxury dining experience on a yacht, not only as a tourist attraction but also to enhance Mumbai’s exquisite seaside.

Looking towards the future, Aishwarya envisions expanding AB Celestial into a franchise model, allowing other waterfront cities to offer a similar dining experience. By doing so, she hopes to support local businesses, boost employment, and maximize the potential of coastal areas across the country.

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Aishwarya’s parents, Manju and Chetan Bhende, have stood by her side, offering guidance and support. Drawing inspiration from her father’s business acumen and her mother’s fashion design expertise, Aishwarya incorporated both elements into the interior design of AB Celestial. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in her success.

Known for her meticulous attention to detail in interior design and presentation, Aishwarya places great importance on selecting the right staff who align with her vision. While handling staff, she emphasizes the need for shared values and a collective vision, ensuring impeccable service and a memorable experience for AB Celestial’s guests.

Juggling her personal life and business responsibilities, Aishwarya has found balance through her unwavering motivation. Her passion for socializing, exploring new cultures, and trying different cuisines laid the foundation for her journey as an entrepreneur. She believes that with determination and hard work, anyone can achieve their goals.

To budding entrepreneurs in India, Aishwarya imparts words of wisdom gained from her own experiences. She believes that success is built on failures and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to persevere in the face of obstacles. Drawing inspiration from the quote, “To stand up the eighth time, you must first fall seven times,” Aishwarya urges young entrepreneurs to never give up and to keep striving for their dreams.

Aishwarya Bhende’s journey from a young entrepreneur to the pioneer of India’s first floating restaurant is a testament to her tenacity, vision, and passion. As she continues to make waves in the tourism and hospitality industry, the team at Shreyas Webmedia Solutions wishes her continued success in her future endeavors.

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