APP REVIEW: Handy tool for newbie gardeners

Need help identifying a plant? There’s an app for that! With the PlantCam identifier app, you can identify plants, flowers, and weeds. Plus, you get tips on plant care and disease diagnosis. The app even has a light meter to help you find the perfect spot for your plants. Best of all, the app’s database of 1,00,000-plus plants is constantly growing. It is offered by Xponent Studio.

Available on Google Play and App Store, PlantCam is free (offers in-app purchases) and easy to use. Take a photo or type in information about the plant in question, and the app will provide you with accurate identification. Care information such as sunlight preference, ideal soil type, and watering frequency are also provided. As if that wasn’t enough, this handy tool even sets smart reminders when it’s time to tend to your precious green friends.

PlantCam uses artificial intelligence (AI) to diagnose common pests and diseases, making it easy for even novice gardeners to understand what might be going wrong in their gardens. Overall, this app is the perfect way to identify plants so that you can learn more about them. Whether you’re a beginner gardener or a seasoned pro, PlantCam will help you become an expert on the plants in your area. So download today and start exploring the wonderful world of plants.

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* Downloads: 1,00,000+

* Download size: 16.82 MB

* Required OS: Android 5.0 and up, iOS 12.0 or later

* In-app purchases:

Rs 850-Rs 4,800 per item

PlantCam helps identify plants, flowers and diseases in a snap. 

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