Brandbang: Scaling a Niche-Focused Business to Generate Massive Revenue

Brandbang, founded by Ayushman Mohanty, is a company that stays loyal to a niche. The team, which started with only four team members and now stands at sixteen, has generated more revenue in just six months than they did in the entire three years of their existence. Initially, they worked with lots of clients in different industries but drastically shifted to major business in the supplement industry. Brandbang stuck to what they knew best, which helped them to eventually generate over $8 million dollars in the last 365 days for their clients. By focusing on a recurring revenue business model in the edible industry, they were able to be flexible with acquisition cost.

The company’s growth can be attributed to its commitment to staying loyal to a niche, namely the supplement industry, where it leverages its specialized knowledge to great effect. This niche focus has allowed it to excel at generating impressive revenue figures for its clients and has helped it to establish Brandbang as a top marketing agency within the supplement industry.

In recent years, the company has embraced a recurring revenue model that has proven to be successful for them, particularly in the edible industry. By focusing on generating recurring revenue, they have been able to be flexible with their acquisition costs and have seen significant success in this area.

In summary, Brandbang is a company that has successfully scaled a niche-focused business to generate massive revenue. By staying loyal to their area of expertise, adopting a recurring revenue model, and being flexible with acquisition cost, they have made themselves stand out in the marketing industry.

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