Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi Throws Three Questions to PM Modi, Says ‘Manipur Wants Justice…’

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi took center stage on Tuesday, addressing the silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament and highlighting the necessity of a no-confidence motion to break that silence. The MP’s assertions were made in the context of the Manipur situation, emphasizing the demand for justice and accountability.

Gaurav Gogoi pointedly noted that Prime Minister Modi’s choice to observe a ‘maun vrat’ (vow of silence) in Parliament had compelled the opposition to introduce a no-confidence motion, seeking to break the silence and solicit a response.

During his address in the Lok Sabha, Gogoi raised three pivotal questions to Prime Minister Modi regarding the Manipur issue:

  1. Why Has PM Modi Not Visited Manipur to Date?
  2. Why Did It Take Almost 80 Days for PM Modi to Speak on Manipur, and When He Did, It Was for Just 30 Seconds?
  3. Why Has the Manipur Chief Minister Not Been Sacked So Far?

The Congress MP elaborated on the demands of the opposition I.N.D.I.A. alliance, stressing that the no-confidence motion had been brought forward due to Manipur’s persistent call for justice. Gaurav Gogoi’s pointed questions underline the urgency for the Prime Minister to address the ongoing concerns in Manipur and provide clarity on the government’s stance.

Gogoi’s questions echoed the sentiment of the state of Manipur, which has been grappling with tensions stemming from ethnic clashes between the Meities and Kukis, two tribal communities. The complexities of the situation were exacerbated when the Manipur High Court issued a directive to the state government to consider the inclusion of one of these communities in the Scheduled Tribes list, leading to heightened discord.

In response to the no-confidence motion, Rahul Gandhi, who was recently reappointed as a Lok Sabha MP, is slated to initiate the discussion. The debate is expected to unfold over a duration of 12 hours, with the BJP and Congress each allotted time for their perspectives. While the ruling BJP has approximately seven hours, the Congress party has been allocated around one hour and 15 minutes.

Other parties, including YSRCP, Shiv Sena, JDU, BJD, BSP, BRS, and LJP, have collectively been granted a two-hour timeframe, distributed based on their respective representation in the House. Additionally, independent MPs and other parties have been allotted a total of 1 hour and 10 minutes to contribute to the discussion.

The culmination of this debate regarding the no-confidence motion is anticipated on August 8 and 9 within the Lok Sabha. Prime Minister Modi is expected to provide his response on August 10, shedding light on the government’s stance in addressing the concerns raised by the opposition.

Since the commencement of the monsoon session of Parliament on July 20, opposition members have been persistently pressing for a discussion under Rule 267 in the Rajya Sabha. The Manipur situation has remained a pressing issue over the past three months, with calls for resolution and justice escalating within the state due to ethnic tensions and the legal directive regarding tribal inclusion.

In conclusion, Gaurav Gogoi’s pointed questions and the introduction of a no-confidence motion underscore the urgency of addressing the Manipur situation and eliciting a response from Prime Minister Modi. The stage is set for a crucial debate that will not only shed light on the government’s stance but also reflect the aspirations and concerns of the citizens of Manipur. As the discussions unfold, the nation watches with anticipation for a resolution to a complex issue that has captured the attention of Parliament and the public alike.

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