Delhi sees rise in murder and rape cases, dip in street crimes this year


Delhi has seen a rise in heinous crimes like murder, rape and dacoity, and an alarming increase in theft by interstate gangs targeting cars, mobile phones and vehicles in the city, over the last six months, Delhi Police data show.

Despite multiple incidents of snatching and armed robbery recently, street crime, according to the police, has decreased in the city – with half the snatching cases registered yet to be solved even as less than a fourth of theft cases have been worked out.

However, police pointed out that not only has the number of robbery cases declined by a third, 95% of them have been solved, and snatching cases have dipped by 19% with over 2,500 arrests.

Police also clarified that the increase in the number of heinous crimes was “minimal” and the rise in statistics related to them was because of the “better reporting” of cases due to the “quick and efficient response” of the force to such complaints.

The police recorded an increase of at least 20 to 40% in the number of thefts – including Motor Vehicle (MV) theft – compared to last year with just 16 to 20% leading to arrests.

The number of rape cases registered till June 30 increased from 995 to 1,029 compared to the same period last year; arrests were made in over 93% of these. Delhi also witnessed a slight dip in crimes against women – sexual harassment, molestation, stalking, assaulting women etc – from 4,201 to 3,920 with arrests in a little more than half.

Murders went up slightly from 256 to 266 but cases of robberies dipped by a third – from 1,161 to 779 with over 95% of these being solved leading to more than 1,500 arrests. Though only one less dacoity case was recorded this year compared to 2022 – 7 instead of 8 – only 77% cases were solved compared to 100% cases being solved last year.

Police said street crime has decreased despite these hitting the headlines more than once recently; snatching incidents declined from 4,687 in 2022 to 3,814 – down by 19%.

“This decline suggests proactive measures taken by the Delhi Police to tackle snatching incidents and making prompt arrests,” police said. A senior officer at Police Headquarters said, “There’s a significant dip in street crimes; some increase in heinous crimes has been recorded as police have been sensitised to take more complaints. The increase in thefts and burglaries is because the Delhi Police has opened its online portal which prompts citizens to lodge complaints easier.”

(edited by Deepika Singh)


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