Driving Innovation & Revolutionizing Transportation: Unveiling Game Changing Electric Car ranging 1203 kms for a Sustainable Future By Viinay Sarikonda

Viinay Sarikonda

From Dream To Reality, The New Electric Car is Set To Transform Automobile Industry with Cutting edge technology with high performance and Redefining the Indian roads.

Introducing a groundbreaking leap in automotive innovation, our upcoming electric car is poised to redefine the driving experience. With an extraordinary driving range spanning from 600 to 1200 kilometers per charge, an advanced user interface tailored to each driver, and remarkably low maintenance demands, our electric car promises a journey like no other. This truly digital marvel enables feature upgrades, seamless connectivity, and predictive maintenance through over-the-air updates, marking a new era in vehicle technology. The car’s readiness for autonomous driving, coupled with advanced driver assistance systems and strategic collaborations with established manufacturers, firmly establish it as the preferred choice for eco-conscious, tech-savvy drivers. The spacious interior, achieved through innovative component placement, further amplifies the joy of driving. Prepare for a transformative driving experience with our electric car, designed to empower the future of transportation.

Key Features and Highlights:

  • Revolutionizing the Norm: Our electric car brings an unparalleled zero emission solution, offering an exceptional driving range of 600 to 1200 kilometers per charge in 3 different Varients.
  • Seamless User Experience: Elevating the driving experience is our cutting-edge user interface, adapting the vehicle to the driver’s preferences. Limited maintenance visits ensure hassle-free ownership.
  • The Digital Revolution: Embrace the true potential of a digital vehicle, with the ability to upgrade features, enjoy complete connectivity, and experience over-the-air innovations and predictive maintenance.
  • A Path to Autonomy: Equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), our car is ready for autonomous driving, providing an extra layer of safety and convenience.
  • Collaborative Excellence: Strategic partnerships with established manufacturers bolster our car’s appeal, offering a blend of EV capabilities and customizable designs.
  • Space for Exceptional Comfort: With the majority of components ingeniously placed under the hood, our car offers a more spacious and comfortable interior.

Wireless Charging:
Paving the Way for Convenience and Efficiency
In a parallel innovation, wireless charging technology further transforms the electric vehicle landscape. With the capability to deliver up to 20kW of charging power, wireless charging for EVs combines efficiency and speed, comparable to traditional plug-in charging. The two types of wireless charging, static and dynamic, offer convenience and flexibility that could redefine how we think about charging electric vehicles.
The Proposal for dynamic Wireless Ev Charging was given to Central Government and they are working with future big plans on Indian roads.

  • Embracing the Future: Our electric car paves the way for future expansion, including plans for the fastest electric jet and a flying car to revolutionize urban commuting.

About Databoss Inc:
Databoss Inc serves as the parent company of this remarkable venture. Under the licensed umbrella of EVT, Smart Vehicle Robotics, the innovative prowess of Databoss Inc is set to reshape the future of transportation. Backed by the G20 programs and the unwavering support of the Indian government, this project has gained substantial traction. The Central Government supported the company with land ,infrastructure and Accessibility of project Requirements.

A Visionary Leader:
Dr.Viinay Sarikonda’s journey from a humble village in Telangana to becoming the Director and South Asia Head of Quantumkore Innovation Inc (SBOX) in the USA is a testament to his unyielding dedication and innovative spirit. Leveraging his background in General Medicine, Dr. Sarikonda recognized the pressing need for sustainable energy solutions to combat the impending climate crisis.

At Quantumkore Innovation Inc, Dr. Sarikonda and his team have achieved pioneering breakthroughs in green energy technologies. Their patented solutions have the potential to revolutionize energy harnessing and utilization, from renewable power generation to sustainable construction, even on distant planets. These innovations hold the promise of mitigating climate change while expanding the horizons of space exploration and habitation.

Check out his Instagram profile and Smart Vehicle Robotics‘s website.

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