Foxconn is set to commence iPhone production in Karnataka by April next year.


Apple Inc’s key supplier, Foxconn, is set to initiate iPhone manufacturing operations in the state of Karnataka, India, by April of next year. The government of Karnataka confirmed this development on Thursday, stating that the necessary land for the factory will be handed over to Foxconn by July 1. This project, valued at 130 billion rupees ($1.59 billion), is expected to generate approximately 50,000 job opportunities. With a target of manufacturing 20 million iPhones annually, Foxconn aims to establish the plant in Devanahalli, situated on the outskirts of Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka and a prominent tech hub.

Apple’s decision to collaborate with Foxconn to manufacture iPhones in Karnataka aligns with its strategy of diversifying production away from China. The strict Covid-related restrictions in China had disrupted the production of new iPhones and other devices, prompting Apple to seek alternative manufacturing locations. By expanding its production capabilities to India, Apple aims to mitigate potential disruptions and minimize any adverse impact on its business due to the ongoing tensions between Beijing and Washington.

The establishment of the iPhone manufacturing plant in Karnataka is expected to contribute significantly to the local economy. The project’s value of 130 billion rupees underscores the substantial investment being made by Foxconn, reflecting confidence in the region’s potential for growth and development. Moreover, the creation of approximately 50,000 jobs will provide employment opportunities for a large number of individuals, further boosting the state’s economic landscape.

Karnataka, particularly Bengaluru, is renowned as a prominent technology hub, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India.” Its favorable business environment, coupled with a pool of skilled talent, has attracted numerous technology companies. Foxconn’s decision to establish an iPhone manufacturing facility in Devanahalli reinforces Karnataka’s position as a key player in the global technology industry. The move will not only enhance the state’s reputation but also contribute to the overall development of India’s manufacturing sector.

The entry of Foxconn into India’s manufacturing landscape signifies a significant milestone for the country’s growing electronics sector. With the manufacturing target of 20 million iPhones per year, the Foxconn plant in Karnataka will play a pivotal role in meeting both domestic and international demand. The expansion of iPhone production in India not only enhances the country’s manufacturing capabilities but also offers potential benefits for the broader supply chain ecosystem. This move aligns with the Indian government’s initiatives to boost domestic manufacturing under the “Make in India” campaign.

The establishment of the iPhone manufacturing plant by Foxconn in Karnataka is expected to have a positive impact on employment opportunities in the region. The creation of 50,000 jobs across various skill levels will contribute to reducing unemployment and promoting inclusive growth. Additionally, this development is likely to foster the transfer of technology and expertise, as local workers will gain exposure to advanced manufacturing processes employed by a global leader like Foxconn.

The announcement of Foxconn commencing iPhone production in Karnataka by April 2024 heralds a new era for the Indian manufacturing landscape. As Apple’s key supplier, Foxconn’s decision to establish a significant manufacturing presence in India reflects the country’s growing importance as a global manufacturing hub. The move not only diversifies Apple’s production base but also contributes to the development of the local economy in Karnataka, creating employment opportunities and fostering technology transfer. As the project progresses, it is expected to strengthen India’s position in the electronics manufacturing sector and drive further growth in the technology ecosystem.

The collaboration between Foxconn and the Karnataka government aligns with the Indian government’s “Make in India” campaign, which aims to promote domestic manufacturing and attract foreign investment. The entry of Foxconn, a global technology leader, bolsters India’s position as an attractive destination for high-tech manufacturing. It signifies the country’s potential to become a manufacturing powerhouse and reinforces its reputation as a global player in the technology industry.

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