Guard, Animal Lovers File Counter-Complaints Over Feeding Dogs At Sanjay Gandhi National Park


A security guard at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and an animal lover and have registered cases against each other following an altercation they had over an animal. A woman filed an FIR against the security guard under section 354 of the IPC Act. Meanwhile, the Security guard lodged a case against a woman and her husband under sections 353 and 34 of the IPC sections.

In her FIR, ‘Pankhadi Khan, 31, stated that on July 4, she and her husband Noman Khan were feeding dogs near the park gate to which the guard took objection and told the couple to feed the dogs elsewhere.

The scuffle between the couple and the security guard

According to Pankhadi, a dog entered the park, so they both followed it to try and feed it. Annoyed by this the security guard turned abusive. Khan started recording it on the phone when the security guard snatched it from her hand. Pankhadi Khan alleged that during this altercation the security guard touched her inappropriately and lodged a case for outraging her modesty.

Pankhadi Khan told to the FPJ, “We are dog lovers. We rescue animals. Where do we feed the dogs if not at the gate of the National Park? We just tried to feed a dog that entered the park, but the guard misbehaved with us.”

Security guard too filed a complaint against Pankhadi Khan

Meanwhile, in his FIR, Raju Charade, the security guard stated that the couple got very angry and argued with him when he asked them to feed the dogs at a distance from the gate.

According to the security guard FIR, the couple deliberately entered the National Park, tried to take a video of the guard and tried to interrupt government work. The couple tried to physically attack him and threatened him as well, he added.

The security guard Raju Charade told FPJ, “I have been working at National Park for 31 years. I am 50 years old. You should talk with my seniors about this matter.” FPJ was not able to contact his seniors.

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