Hardik Shelat’s Journey into the wild; Tale of a brilliant wildlife photographer who is winning the heart of the Internet

Ansel Adams once quoted, “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” This quote popped into my mind, as soon as I set eyes on Hardik Shelat’s photographs, who is breaking every rule on the internet and taking us on a tour that’s close to nature and wildlife. This young boy, with an extraordinary creative side, is a wildlife photographer based in Ahmedabad. Social media these days is flooded with cringe content but artists like Hardik still make us believe in authenticity, creativity, and art. When you take a glance at his Instagram page, you will get transported to the romantic era with the poetry of John Keats whispering in your ear. You would find birds and animals waving at you, from spotting one of the rarest birds to witnessing wild animals resting in their natural habitat. hardik_shelat_photography is a glimpse of Hardik’s adventurous life and his passion for photography. Hardik is associated with wildlife photography since 2014. He has not only built a loyal group of followers over the years but also worked with global platforms like National Geographic, BBC Earth, and Discovery. 

Talking about how he started his photography journey, Hardik quotes,” It started with my love and curiosity towards nature. I always enjoy a walk and relaxing time in an area surrounded by nature – whether it is a garden, park, riverside, or forest. During my walk. I used to photograph the beauty of nature, but lately, I’ve been drawn to taking pictures of animals and birds in various natural settings.” 

He started investing more time and effort to nurture his passion for photography. His early exposure to wildlife by visiting various national parks, sanctuaries, and forests worked in his favor. He expresses his artistic side through photography while simultaneously educating others. He quotes,” I evolved as a photographer who concentrates not only on wildlife photography but also educates people about biodiversity by sharing my pictures on different social media platforms.” 

However, wildlife photography isn’t so easy and glamorous, it comes with hardships and challenges. Hardik explains the kind of precautions he takes while being in the wild. “We always maintain a safe distance from wild animals and avoid wearing bright colours clothes such as red, yellow, and orange. As a part of precaution, we never get down from the jeep. We do not make unnecessary noise as well as do not tease them and let them enjoy their own space as they become aggressive only when they feel insecure regards to their existence.” 

“Since 2014, I took about 10,000 images after visiting a variety of locations. I’ve spent a lot of time and work creating a diverse collection of animal photos.” If you are a beginner in this field, have patience and be positive, that’s the key to success. 

Follow him on Instagram and Facebook to know more about photography and wildlife.

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