Himachal Pradesh University Halts Postgraduate Exams Due to Heavy Rains; Educational Institutions Shut Amid Safety Concerns

Himachal Pradesh

The ongoing heavy rainfall in Himachal Pradesh has prompted the state government to take precautionary measures, resulting in the cancellation of all Post Graduate (PG) class examinations scheduled for August 14 at Himachal Pradesh University. The decision comes as Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu prioritizes the safety of students amid the challenging weather conditions.

A statement released by the Himachal Pradesh Government on Sunday conveyed that the university has decided to cancel the ongoing PG class examinations, including the B. Ed. exams, originally slated for August 14. The move reflects the university’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of its students.

Moreover, in light of the continuous and unrelenting rainfall, an earlier notification had already been issued, announcing the closure of all educational institutions across the state on the same day. The decision was taken with the primary aim of safeguarding students from any potential risks associated with the inclement weather.

The Chief Minister’s decision to cancel the examinations and close educational institutions underscores the state’s commitment to maintaining the welfare and safety of its students. The persistent heavy rainfall has raised concerns about transportation difficulties, potential flooding, and other hazards that could adversely impact the students’ ability to travel and attend classes or examinations.

The Education Secretary, acting under the Chief Minister’s directives, issued an official notification affirming the closure of all government and private schools and colleges in Himachal Pradesh on August 14. The notification emphasizes the paramount importance of ensuring students’ safety and well-being amidst the challenging weather conditions.

“Considering the safety and security of students, the Government of Himachal Pradesh orders to keep all Schools and Colleges (Government as well as Private) closed on August 14, 2023,” the initial notification declared.

In a subsequent update, the Education Secretary extended the closure to include other educational institutions as well. The revised directive encompassed ITIs (Industrial Training Institutes), Polytechnic institutions, Engineering colleges, and Pharmacy colleges, both government-owned and private establishments.

The extended notification noted, “Keeping in view the incessant rains in the whole of Himachal Pradesh and considering the safety and security of students, the Government of Himachal Pradesh orders to keep all ITIs, Polytechnic, Engineering, and Pharmacy Colleges (Government as well as Private) closed on August 14, 2023.”

The decision to cancel examinations and temporarily close educational institutions showcases the government’s proactive approach to ensure the safety and well-being of students and educators alike. By prioritizing the students’ security and addressing the potential challenges posed by heavy rains, the Himachal Pradesh Government has taken commendable steps to mitigate any risks associated with the adverse weather conditions.

As the state deals with the aftermath of heavy rains, these measures underscore the importance of responsive governance in times of crisis. The welfare of the students remains at the forefront, demonstrating a commitment to the principles of education and protection even in the face of challenging circumstances.

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