ICICI Bank Defends Videocon Group Loan as Business Loss Amid CBI Chargesheet

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In response to the recent Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) chargesheet, ICICI Bank, a prominent private lender, has vehemently refuted claims that the failure of Videocon Group to repay a loan of over Rs 1,000 crore was a “wrongful loss.” Instead, the bank has labeled the loan as a “business loan,” asserting that the non-repayment stemmed from a genuine business failure on the part of the conglomerate.

The CBI’s comprehensive chargesheet, spanning an impressive 10,000 pages, was recently submitted to a special CBI court. This chargesheet is the latest development in an ongoing corruption case involving former ICICI Bank chief Chanda Kochhar, her husband Deepak Kochhar, and Videocon founder Venugopal Dhoot. The case has garnered significant attention and scrutiny, shedding light on alleged financial irregularities and improprieties.

The chargesheet also included six entities among the accused, all of whom have consistently denied any wrongdoing. While the special CBI court has acknowledged the chargesheet and is slated to deliberate on the framing of charges, the accused parties have maintained their innocence throughout the proceedings.

In a statement accessed by The Economic Times, ICICI Bank addressed the allegations detailed in the chargesheet. The bank emphasized that it adhered to proper protocols and due diligence when extending loans to the Videocon Group. Furthermore, ICICI Bank challenged the veracity of the CBI’s claims, stating that the allegations of wrongful loss and rule violations are not supported by factual accuracy.

Nilanjan Saha, the legal head of ICICI Bank, asserted that the inability of Videocon Group to repay the loan was a consequence of legitimate business failure rather than any deliberate misconduct. Saha clarified the bank’s stance, stating, “ICICI Bank considers it was a business loss and not a wrongful loss caused by Videocon to ICICI Bank on account of the said loan.”

The chargesheet, filed by the CBI, contended that the credit facilities sanctioned by ICICI Bank to Videocon Group were classified as non-performing assets (NPAs) in June 2017. The outstanding amount at that juncture amounted to Rs 1,033 crore. As a result of this, ICICI Bank purportedly incurred a loss of Rs 1,033 crore along with the subsequent interest on the outstanding sum. The CBI’s perspective on this matter underscores the central agency’s conviction in the alleged wrongdoing and its commitment to bringing clarity and accountability to the situation.

This unfolding case has captivated attention due to the involvement of prominent figures in the business landscape, raising broader questions about transparency, corporate governance, and ethical practices. As the legal proceedings continue, stakeholders and observers are keenly observing the developments and awaiting further insights into the nature of the allegations and the eventual outcomes.

ICICI Bank’s assertion that the loan’s non-repayment was a result of business failure rather than deliberate malfeasance presents an alternative perspective on the situation. The bank’s statement underscores the complexity and multifaceted nature of financial dealings, demonstrating that a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances is crucial when assessing allegations of financial impropriety.

As the CBI chargesheet undergoes legal scrutiny and the accused parties defend their positions, the case serves as a reminder of the significance of robust oversight, due diligence, and adherence to ethical standards within the financial sector. The ultimate resolution of this case will undoubtedly contribute to shaping perceptions of corporate accountability and governance in the Indian business landscape.

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