Infosys and Nvidia Expand Collaboration to Boost Enterprise Productivity with Generative AI


Indian IT giant Infosys Ltd and U.S. semiconductor manufacturer Nvidia have announced an extended strategic partnership to assist global enterprises in enhancing productivity through generative AI applications and solutions. This expanded alliance seeks to integrate Nvidia’s AI Enterprise ecosystem, including models, tools, runtimes, and GPU systems, into Infosys Topaz, a suite of AI-first services, solutions, and platforms designed to accelerate business growth through generative AI technologies.

In a joint statement, the companies expressed their intent to create offerings that enable customers to seamlessly incorporate generative AI into their operations. Additionally, Infosys has plans to establish an Nvidia Centre of Excellence. This center will serve as a training hub where 50,000 Infosys employees will undergo certification in Nvidia AI technology, thereby equipping them to offer generative AI expertise to clients across various industries.

Nandan Nilekani, Co-founder and Chairman of Infosys, emphasized the company’s transformation into an AI-centric organization, with a focus on delivering AI-based services to its global clientele. He noted that clients are increasingly exploring complex AI applications capable of generating significant business value throughout their value chains.

Expanding Horizons with Generative AI

Infosys, as part of its commitment to becoming an AI-first enterprise, is fully embracing Nvidia’s generative AI platform, encompassing both hardware and enterprise-grade software. This strategic adoption enables Infosys to drive innovation across its business operations.

A Shared Vision for AI Transformation

Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of Nvidia, highlighted the synergies between Infosys Topaz offerings and Nvidia’s core stack. By combining their strengths and training a substantial portion of their workforce in Nvidia AI technology, the partnership aims to create comprehensive AI solutions that will empower enterprises to embark on their journey to becoming AI-centric organizations.

Generative AI is envisioned as the driving force behind the next wave of productivity gains for enterprises. The collaboration between Nvidia and Infosys seeks to position the Nvidia AI Enterprise ecosystem as a robust platform for generative AI. Together, they intend to cultivate an expert workforce capable of assisting businesses in leveraging this platform to develop custom applications and solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Nvidia’s Expanding Footprint in India

Nvidia’s involvement in boosting AI infrastructure in India has been notable. The semiconductor giant recently announced partnerships with key Indian conglomerates, including Reliance Industries and the Tata Group. With Reliance Industries, Nvidia is set to build AI supercomputers in India that will significantly surpass the country’s current fastest supercomputer.

Likewise, the collaboration with the Tata Group, which encompasses Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Motors, and Tata Communications, aims to establish AI infrastructure that is over ten times more powerful than India’s current fastest supercomputer. These initiatives underscore Nvidia’s commitment to advancing AI capabilities in India, and the extended collaboration with Infosys further reinforces this dedication to driving AI innovation on a global scale.

As both companies work together to unlock the potential of generative AI, the business landscape is poised to witness a transformative wave of AI-driven productivity enhancements, ushering in a new era of enterprise excellence.

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