Lifestyle and Travel blogger Bhavana Rachapudi’s journey from being a businesswoman and Interior Designer to an IT professional

Lifestyle and travel blogging has exploded in recent years, with an increasing number of people turning to social media to share their experiences and insights with the world. As a result, the blogging industry has become a lucrative career path for those with a passion for travel and lifestyle.

One lifestyle and travel blogger who is making a name for herself in the industry is Bhavana Rachapudi. Bhavana has amassed a significant following on social media, where she shares her experiences and insights on travel and lifestyle including fashion, beauty, food, and home decor. With her unique perspectives and eye-catching visuals, Bhavana has garnered a dedicated following on social media platforms.

Now, moving to a new country can be overwhelming, and adjusting to the new culture, language, and lifestyle can be a daunting task. Moreover, finding a job in a new country can also be challenging, especially if you have to start from scratch and build your career from the ground up. In Bhavana’s case, she had to leave behind her successful business and profession, which she had worked hard to build over the years. It was a difficult decision for her to make, but she had no choice.

Bhavana started her journey in 2015 when she was only 18 years old with a business of handmade gifts and surprises. She used to arrange and plan surprises for people who wanted to express their love to their loved ones. Her business gained popularity among her clients, and soon she started receiving big orders. By the time she turned 20, she had established herself as a successful entrepreneur in the gifting world and had become financially independent.

Bhavana Rachapudi

Bhavana, nevertheless, was not just a businesswoman; she was also an interior designer by profession. However, in 2021 Bhavana’s life took a new turn when she got married and moved to the UK. As she settled down in her new home, she realised that the market for interior designing was not as robust as it was in India. She faced the harsh reality of the market and had to leave her profession as an interior designer behind.

To make things worse, she had to leave her gifting business behind too, as her clients were primarily based in India. Bhavana had to start from scratch and build a new career in a foreign land. It was a challenging time for her, but she did not lose hope. Bhavana decided to choose the IT profession and worked hard & dedicated herself to learning new skills and technologies. Her passion and determination paid off, and she soon landed a job in a reputed IT company where she is currently working and enjoying being an IT person.

The transition from being a businesswoman and interior designer to an IT professional was not easy for Bhavana. It required a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. But Bhavana’s resilience and determination helped her to adapt to the new environment and succeed in her new career.

Despite being less active on Instagram following her move to a new country and career, her followers’ love for her and the brand’s trust in her has not waned. Just because of her transparency and authentication in her work. Bhavana remains grounded and dedicated to her work. She collaborates with brands to showcase their products, but remains straightforward and credible in her content and blogging world, earning the trust and loyalty of her followers.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @bhavanarachapudi

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