‘Looking For A Job Has Been Heartbreaking,’ Indian Student In UK Recalls Harrowing Experience In A Viral Post


As per reports, in 2022, 770,000 Indian students went to study abroad, and that number is growing by about 10% every year. |

As the trend of going abroad and completing studies have had a great impact on the minds Indian students, it also bring them to the harsh reality of never ending survival stress and cracking a job. In a recent viral post from Sreepranavi Samudrala on LinkedIn, open up about the same.

According to Sreepranavi, securing a master’s and bachelor’s degree are not enough to get a job in the United Kingdom. “Looking for a job as an international student (graduate) has been extremely heartbreaking. There has been no value for me, my degree, or capabilities. I have applied for more than 300+ jobs and got a handful of useful feedbacks.”

In her LinkedIn post, she also mentioned about how it gets difficult to manage life all alone facing “unimaginable” issues. Alongside, Samudrala stressed up on how hiring managers are non-responsive and the never-ending process of job applications

She wrote, “At times, I had to wait for months together after an interview only to have no reply or feedback. Hiring managers need to understand that these are not just job applications but that there are actual people behind these applications! We are talented and put a lot of effort into our applications and would really would really appreciate some feedback!”

Indian Students in UK:

As per reports, in 2022, 770,000 Indian students went to study abroad, and that number is growing by about 10% every year. Out of those last year almost 140,000 went to the UK. In addition, The British High Commission had granted 1.27 lakh student visas to Indians between September 2021-2022. This brought a rise of 273 per cent over the same period in 2018-2019, it revealed last week.

On the other hand, in a recent news from the Kingdom, government had announced a new immigration crackdown targeted at overseas students. This was application to Indians their Visa right to bring dependent family members to the country, while enrolled at the British Institutions.

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