Malaysian Tourists Stranded in Flood-Hit Himachal Pradesh, Assistance Sought

The Malaysian High Commission in New Delhi is closely coordinating with Indian authorities to gather information about 12 Malaysian tourists who are stranded in the flood-hit region of Himachal Pradesh. The state of Himachal, known for its hilly terrain, has been severely affected by torrential rains, resulting in widespread floods and landslides.

The families of the stranded tourists, unable to establish contact with their loved ones, have reached out to the Malaysian diplomatic mission seeking assistance in locating them. Amizal Fadzli Rajali, Malaysia’s deputy high commissioner, confirmed their ongoing communication with Indian authorities to ascertain the well-being and status of the Malaysians in Himachal Pradesh.

The adverse weather conditions have disrupted mobile communication networks in certain areas, making it challenging to establish contact with those stranded. Thousands of vehicles are awaiting rescue in various locations across Himachal due to damaged roads caused by the floods.

State officials have been working tirelessly to reach both local and foreign tourists stranded in the affected areas. Among the affected tourists are 15 Russians who are stuck in the Kasol area of Kullu district.

The primary focus of the authorities is to ensure the safe evacuation of the stranded tourists, followed by the restoration of essential infrastructure such as roads, water supplies, and power lines, as highlighted by Himachal Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu. He assured reporters that 50% of the tourists had already been successfully evacuated and anticipated that the number would reach 80% by 8 pm (India time).

The calamity has resulted in an estimated US$500 million worth of damage to infrastructure in Himachal. Additionally, 80% of the state’s water and irrigation projects have been destroyed, exacerbating the challenges faced by the region.

Fermenta Biotech Limited, a pharmaceutical company situated in Kullu, announced the suspension of work at its facility due to the adverse conditions caused by heavy monsoon rains.

The impact of the monsoon rains extends beyond Himachal, affecting other states such as Uttarakhand, Punjab, and Haryana. These regions have also witnessed rising river waters and significant rainfall.

The capital city of Delhi has been placed on a flood alert as the water level of the Yamuna river breached the danger mark. The inclement weather has led to numerous rain-related incidents across northern India, resulting in the unfortunate loss of at least 100 lives.

As the Malaysian High Commission and Indian authorities collaborate to ensure the safety and well-being of the stranded Malaysian tourists in Himachal Pradesh, efforts are being made to expedite their evacuation and provide necessary assistance. The focus remains on restoring infrastructure and essential services to help affected areas recover from the devastation caused by the floods.

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