NABARD Sanctions Rs 1,974 Crore to Rajasthan Government for Rural Development Projects


The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has approved a significant financial allocation of Rs 1,974.07 crore to the Rajasthan government through the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) for the fiscal year 2023-24. This funding is aimed at accelerating various rural development projects within the state.

Dr. Rajiv Siwach, Chief General Manager of NABARD Rajasthan, revealed that a substantial portion of the sanctioned funds, amounting to Rs 930.44 crore, will be directed towards the implementation of three crucial rural drinking water supply projects. These projects will be executed in the districts of Ajmer, Jalore, and Kota. The primary objective of these initiatives is to ensure access to clean and potable water for a total of 2.87 lakh households residing in 2,500 villages across these districts.

In addition to bolstering the drinking water supply infrastructure, NABARD has also earmarked Rs 926.48 crore for the construction of 676 rural roads in the arid and tribal regions of Rajasthan. The development of these roads is anticipated to enhance connectivity and accessibility across 1,229 villages situated in 12 districts.

Rajiv Siwach highlighted the significance of these allocations in improving the overall quality of life in rural areas. He emphasized that the drinking water supply projects and rural road construction endeavors are integral components of the government’s efforts to uplift remote and underserved communities. These initiatives align with the broader goal of promoting sustainable development and reducing regional disparities.

Moreover, NABARD has previously granted Rs 117.15 crore to the state for the establishment of 104 veterinary hospitals and 431 sub-centers distributed across all districts of Rajasthan. These healthcare facilities are pivotal in ensuring the well-being of livestock and promoting animal husbandry practices, which are essential to the rural economy.

Siwach also shed light on NABARD’s commitment to supporting micro-irrigation initiatives in the state. Through the Micro Irrigation Fund, NABARD is contributing Rs 740 crore to aid the government’s efforts in bringing approximately 4.28 lakh hectares of agricultural land under advanced irrigation practices. This move not only enhances agricultural productivity but also contributes to water conservation and efficient resource utilization.

Furthermore, NABARD is actively participating in infrastructure development within specific districts. Dr. Siwach informed that a significant project involving the lining of 450 km of earthen canals is currently underway in Kota and Bundi districts. The funding for this project, amounting to Rs 623.38 crore, was extended by NABARD under the Infrastructure Development Assistance scheme. This initiative aims to strengthen irrigation systems and optimize water distribution, ultimately benefiting local farmers and agricultural activities.

NABARD’s financial support to Rajasthan reflects its dedication to fostering comprehensive rural development. By addressing crucial areas such as water supply, road connectivity, healthcare, and agriculture, NABARD aims to contribute to an equitable and progressive rural landscape. The collaboration between NABARD and the Rajasthan government underscores the shared commitment to uplifting marginalized communities, reducing regional disparities, and fostering sustainable growth.

As these projects unfold and contribute to tangible improvements in the lives of rural residents, they stand as a testament to the power of strategic financial investments in transforming the socio-economic fabric of the state.

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