Nikhil Siddhartha apologises to pan-India audience for not giving Spy a proper release: ‘It pains me to inform you…’


Actor Nikhil Siddhartha’s action spy film Spy was recently released in theatres, much to the excitement of his fans. However, the film, which was expected to have a smooth release in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu languages faces some issues resulting in limited release. The actor, took to social media to apologise to his fans.

In the film, directed by BH Garry, Nikhil plays the role of agent Jai, who is entrusted with the responsibility of getting back documents related to freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Nikhil released a statement addressing the issue, which read, “I Genuinely Thank Everyone of you for Thronging the Theatres of SPY and Giving me the Highest Opening of my Career at the Box Office.”

The note further read, “It gives me immense happiness to know the amount of trust you all have in me , However, it pains me to inform you all that The Movie DID NOT have a Proper Multi Language Release across India Because of Contract/Content Delay Issues which also led to 350 Telugu Premier shows overseas being Cancelled.”

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The statement further read, “I apologise to all the Hindi, Kannada , Tamil & Malayalam Audience for this and promise that after Karthikeya2 it will be our next upcoming 3 films that will be in Theatres in all languages Perfectly Finished and released on Time. I also promise every Telugu movie lover who trusts me that from now on We will never compromise on the quality ,”Whatever the pressures” and will only make sure a Finished , Checked and Fantastic Product is given to you all.”

In an interview with, Nikhil had spoken about the film and said, “It was a dream come true when I was offered a movie like this and the best part about the story was that it wasn’t a regular one. It had so much mystery in it, it has national hero Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who is world famous and yet not talked about enough. This film is about what he embodied, how he inspired millions of people to fight and how it presents in the story is what makes the film so special.”

Nikhil will next be seen in Karthikeya 3, which will be the third installment in the blockbuster 2022 release Karthikeya 2.





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