Nurturing Second-Line Leaders: Dr. Kasturi R Naik’s Vision for Building Strong and Capable Leadership Pipelines

Dr. Kasturi R Naik is an accomplished visiting faculty member at prestigious business schools, an accomplished author, and an experienced researcher and learning & development consultant, as well as a certified HRBP 2.0 Practitioner. Known for her pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to resolving complex human resource issues, she understands the important distinctions between one’s passion, profession, and purpose, which has influenced her personal and professional journey. With over 12 years of academic tenure and 5 years of consultancy expertise, her areas of research include strategic human resource management, team building, and leadership development. She has served as a visiting faculty at institutions such as JBIMS, GNIMS,NMIMS- NGASCE and has served as a guest speaker for the leadership programs at IIBF & XLRI.

Dr. Kasturi R Naik’s vision is to cultivate leaders who are equipped to create an ecosystem that fosters the development of a strong second line of leadership. She is passionate about nurturing professionals who have the potential to lead and inspire others, and she aims to prepare them to fulfill their responsibilities as leaders. Through her extensive academic and consulting experiences, she has developed a strategic approach to human resource management and team building to enable organizations to build a pipeline of capable leadership that can guide their business into the future.Research has highlighted that fostering a second line of leaders is crucial for organizations to remain successful in the long-term. Having a well-developed talent pipeline and succession plan can provide organizations with a competitive edge, improve organizational agility and innovation, and enhance employee engagement and satisfaction. Leaders who invest in developing their employees as future leaders can help to cultivate a culture of mentorship and coaching that leads to long-term growth and success. Prioritizing leadership development initiatives and dedicating resources to provide adequately training can establish a leadership model that values creating and nurturing second-line leaders.

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