Onir Highlights Disparity in Bollywood Film Clashes, Questions Big Budget Releases

Film director Onir, renowned for his National Award-winning film I Am, took to Twitter on Tuesday to address the issue of film clashes at the box office.

Film director Onir, renowned for his National Award-winning film I Am, took to Twitter on Tuesday to address the issue of film clashes at the box office. His tweet comes in the wake of a subtle expression of dissatisfaction by Karan Johar regarding the release date announcement of Sriram Raghavan’s upcoming film Merry Christmas, which clashes with Karan’s film Yodha. Onir now points out the hypocrisy of filmmakers with substantial financial backing, who claim to care for the industry but neglect to consider the impact of their releases on smaller independent films.

Expressing his views on the matter, Onir highlighted the discrepancy between the statements made by big-budget Bollywood releases about the fraternity caring for one another and their actions when faced with the prospect of competing against smaller indie films. He called attention to the fact that these prominent filmmakers become upset when another big-budget release is scheduled on the same day, advocating for industry solidarity. However, they fail to consider the impact on smaller budget films, depriving them of the opportunity to secure a few valuable screens necessary for their survival.

In his tweet, Onir stated, “Big Bollywood releases get so upset when there is another big budget release the same day and they talk about how we should all care for each other in the industry, but don’t think for a second when they deprive a small budget indie film of a tiny number of good shows to survive.”

His remark draws attention to the double standards within the film industry, where larger productions claim to champion unity and support but neglect to extend the same consideration to smaller films. While prominent filmmakers often advocate for fraternity and mutual support, their actions can contradict these sentiments when it comes to box office clashes.

Onir’s statement resonates with independent filmmakers who rely on limited budgets and struggle to secure sufficient screens for their films to reach a wider audience. These clashes with big-budget releases often leave smaller films with limited screening opportunities, impacting their potential to thrive commercially.

The issue of film clashes and screen allocation has long been a topic of discussion in the industry. Smaller films face immense challenges in finding a favorable release window, as larger productions tend to dominate multiplex screens and receive more prominent marketing support. This disparity in distribution and screen time limits the exposure and growth opportunities for independent cinema.

Onir’s Twitter post highlights the need for a more inclusive and balanced approach within the industry, where big-budget releases acknowledge the importance of nurturing the ecosystem by providing opportunities for smaller films to coexist and flourish. By allowing a fair distribution of screens and adopting a cooperative mindset, the industry can create an environment that encourages diverse storytelling and nurtures the growth of independent cinema alongside mainstream releases.

As Onir raises this pertinent issue, it sparks conversations and encourages introspection within the film fraternity. The film industry must address these concerns and work towards a more equitable and supportive environment that allows films of all budgets to thrive and coexist harmoniously.

It remains to be seen whether Onir’s tweet prompts a broader dialogue on the topic and influences industry stakeholders to reevaluate their approach to film clashes. As filmmakers and industry professionals engage in discussions surrounding the issue, there is hope for positive changes that promote inclusivity and fairness in the release strategies of big-budget and independent films alike.

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