PhonePe Dives into Stock Broking Arena with Share.Market: A Revolutionary Quant Research-Led Initiative


In an unprecedented move that’s set to reshape the landscape of discount broking, PhonePe, the Walmart-backed financial technology company, has taken a bold step into the world of stock broking with its innovative platform, Share.Market. The venture introduces a range of investment products, encompassing stocks (both intraday and delivery), mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), all fortified by quant research-led offerings.

Share.Market doesn’t just stop at conventional investment products. It pioneers a new era of intelligent investing through its quantitative research-backed tools and offerings. A standout feature is the introduction of WealthBaskets, meticulously curated collections of stocks and investment products by SEBI-registered intermediaries. These baskets are designed to align with specific themes, sectors, or market trends, empowering users to craft active equity portfolios that reflect their investment strategies.

The revolutionary WealthBaskets have already gone live on the platform, offering retail investors a novel way to engage with the market. However, the journey has just begun, as Share.Market promises a flurry of upcoming features. Investors can look forward to the ability to personalize their WealthBaskets, access portfolio analytics optimizers, and dive into quant analytics relating to stocks and mutual funds. Additionally, the platform is gearing up to launch Futures and Options (FnO) strategy-building capabilities, along with visual trading tools, providing traders with a comprehensive toolkit.

Share.Market’s inception is underpinned by a grand vision – one that aims to meld intelligence, execution, and convenience on a significant scale. This innovative approach seeks to transform discount broking from a transaction-driven model to a value-centric experience. The platform is poised to offer a comprehensive package that redefines the way investors approach trading and investing, making PhonePe a major player in the stock broking sphere.

Behind this groundbreaking initiative are Ujjwal Jain and Sujit Modi, the visionary minds behind wealth management firms WealthDesk and OpenQ. PhonePe’s acquisition of these companies in May 2022 laid the foundation for the Share.Market platform. The duo, with their wealth of expertise, leads the charge in steering Share.Market toward a new horizon of investing possibilities.

Ujjwal Jain, Chief Executive Officer of Share.Market, envisions a future where discount broking marries the power of intelligence to deliver lasting value to customers. He expresses his commitment to investing in advanced technology, data, research, and immersive experiences. These investments are geared toward scaling the benefits of discount broking and ushering in an era where intelligence seamlessly integrates with broking services.

Share.Market isn’t just about investment products – it’s about comprehensive market engagement. The platform boasts a dedicated markets section that empowers users to track stock markets, indices, individual stocks, and sectors. It even offers a watchlist tracker to keep tabs on favored investments. PhonePe users can seamlessly access the Share.Market platform using their PhonePe-linked mobile numbers. A smooth KYC process activates their broking and demat accounts, making the transition into the world of intelligent investing hassle-free.

Leveraging its existing customer base, PhonePe has grand plans for driving the growth of its stock broking venture. Sameer Nigam, founder and CEO of PhonePe, sees the synergy between PhonePe and Share.Market as a means to create widespread awareness. PhonePe’s presence spans various segments, making it the perfect vehicle to guide users toward the value offerings of Share.Market. The integration of these platforms is set to redefine how individuals perceive and participate in the world of stock broking.

As PhonePe embarks on this unprecedented journey with Share.Market, the financial technology landscape is on the cusp of transformation. By merging intelligence with broking, this innovative venture is poised to set new industry standards and empower investors with unparalleled tools and insights.

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