Piyusha Sharma: The Serial Entrepreneur Revolutionizing E-Sports and Inspiring Others with Her Unique Vision

Piyusha Sharma
Piyusha Sharma
Piyusha Sharma
Piyusha Sharma

Piyusha Sharma, a dynamic entrepreneur with an inspiring journey, is making waves in the world of business. Born into a military family, Sharma’s childhood was marked by constant travel across India, providing her with diverse experiences and a broad perspective. Armed with a postgraduate degree in computer science, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at a young age, driven by a passion for taking everyday experiences and turning them into larger platforms.

Currently, Sharma is focused on building an e-sports organization that caters to the needs of gamers and provides a comprehensive gaming platform. Her brainchild, Mobi WIN, is not only available in India but has a global reach, with partnerships spanning over 50+ telecom operators across Asia, South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North Africa, Europe, and LATAM. What sets Sharma’s business model apart is its unique approach as a B2B2C company, collaborating with renowned telecom operators such as Vodafone, Orange, MTN, and Ooredoo. Through this partnership, Mobi WIN hosts real-time, live, multiplayer gaming tournaments, exclusively accessible through telco billing. Whether you’re in France or any other part of the world, if you are a customer of the partnered telecom operator, you can enjoy this innovative gaming service. Remarkably, all of Sharma’s ventures have been self-funded.

Reflecting on her entrepreneurial journey, Sharma reveals that her first venture delved into the realm of astrology. Recognizing the demand for astrology services, she took it mainstream by producing live astrology shows on national television. By offering customers a one-stop solution for readings, kundli, and pooja services, she brought astrology closer to people’s lives. This venture, born out of her deep-rooted connection with Ujjain and its spiritual heritage, was a pioneering effort in the industry.

Following her successful foray into astrology, Sharma ventured into teleshopping, positioning her business as a prominent player in the industry just before the onset of demonetization. However, her most recent endeavor in the field of e-sports and gaming has garnered significant attention. Through her ability to spot first-mover advantages, Sharma introduced her gaming platform ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, capitalizing on the surging interest in digital entertainment. This foresight and adaptability have contributed to her continued success as an entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, Sharma acknowledges that manpower remains one of the biggest challenges she faces, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Finding the right individuals with the necessary skills and passion for technology has proven to be a daunting task. Moreover, she also acknowledges the existing biases and resistance she encounters as a 26-year-old female leader in the technology industry. Despite these obstacles, Sharma draws strength and support from her friends and family, who serve as pillars of encouragement during trying times.

Inspiration comes to Sharma from the everyday people she encounters, from fruit sellers to taxi drivers and newspaper vendors. Observing their unwavering commitment to showing up and facing life’s challenges head-on motivates her to do the same. Consistency is the key for Sharma, and she believes that by consistently showing up and giving her best, she can create a positive impact in her field.

Sharma’s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. In 2016, she was honored with an award from the All India Consumer Foundation for her interactive TV business, recognizing her media productions. Additionally, her distinctive style and fashion sense earned her the Power Women Award in 2023. These accolades are a testament to her remarkable achievements and the recognition she has garnered within the industry.

When asked about her unique work, Sharma emphasizes that it is the sum of various elements rather than a single factor. Her eye for first-mover advantages and her ability to anticipate emerging trends have played a crucial role in positioning her businesses at the forefront of their respective industries.

Building a vast network is another aspect of Sharma’s success. She understands the importance of connecting with people, whether it be clients, partners, or individuals from different walks of life. Engaging in meaningful conversations and building relationships have been instrumental in expanding her horizons and fostering collaboration.

Giving back to society is a core value for Sharma, and she instills this principle in her young ones. Recognizing that time is the most precious asset one can offer, she believes in devoting time and effort to initiatives that benefit society. Whether it’s providing books, clothes, or any form of support, Sharma emphasizes the significance of giving back to the community.

In conclusion, Sharma’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple yet powerful. She encourages individuals to believe in their uniqueness and to never be swayed by others’ perceptions. By consistently showing up and giving their best, remarkable things can be achieved.

While technology continues to shape our lives, Sharma reminds us to detach ourselves from screens and prioritize quality time with loved ones. Real connections with family and friends form the bedrock of a fulfilling life, reminding us that the digital world is not the ultimate reality.

Piyusha Sharma’s entrepreneurial journey serves as an inspiration to many. Her ability to identify opportunities, adapt to changing circumstances, and make a positive impact on society exemplifies the spirit of a true entrepreneur. As she continues to innovate and transform industries, Sharma’s story reminds us of the power of passion, determination, and willingness to embrace new challenges.

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