Preity Zinta absolutely disheartened to see her kids being harassed, raises voice against it emphasizing, ‘My children are NOT part of package deal’

The actor took on the celeb photographers for their alleged ‘insensitivity’ towards one incident.
The actor took on the celeb photographers for their alleged ‘insensitivity’ towards one incident.

Preity Zinta has recently taken to Instagram to share two disturbing incidents that left her shaken and shocked. The actress expressed her utter disappointment and disgust over the alleged ‘insensitivity’ of some celebrity photographers who had filmed and laughed while she was being harassed. She also talked about her children being ‘preyed on’ by strangers who showed no respect for their privacy.

In a detailed account, Preity described the first incident where a woman tried to take a photo of her daughter, Gia. When Preity politely asked the woman not to, the woman suddenly scooped up Gia in her arms, planted a wet kiss next to her mouth and ran off, saying what a cute baby she was. Preity kept her cool, but admitted that if she wasn’t a celebrity, she might have reacted badly.

The second incident involved a handicapped man who had harassed her for money in the past. When he asked for money again and Preity’s companion gave him some, he threw it back and became aggressive. The paparazzi who were present found this funny and filmed and laughed instead of helping Preity.

Preity expressed her frustration and disappointment over the harassment that celebrities face in India. She said that it was high time people realized that she was a human being first, then a mom, and then a celebrity. She added that she didn’t need to apologize for her success constantly and be bullied for it, as she had worked very hard to get where she was.

Preity Zinta took to her Instagram handle on Saturday and talked about two incidents in a long post that shook her this week. Sharing the first incident, Preity Zinta alleged how a woman kissed her daughter despite being asked not to. Talking about the second incident, the Veer-Zaara actress alleged how a ‘handicapped man kept trying to stop me’ when she had a flight to catch. “I have equal right like anyone else to live the way I want,” she wrote.

Sharing the first incident, Preity Zinta alleged how a woman tried to take a photo of her daughter. Not just this, but when the actress ‘politely’ asked the lady not to click pictures, she “suddenly scooped my daughter in her arms & planted a big wet kiss next to her mouth & ran off saying what a cute baby”. Preity mentioned that she could have ‘reacted badly’ but she decided to keep her calm to avoid making a scene.

Talking about the second incident, the Veer-Zaara actress alleged how a ‘handicapped man kept trying to stop me’ when she had a flight to catch. Preity claimed that over the years, he ‘harassed’ her for money and wrote, “I have given it to him when I could. This time when he asked for money I said sorry today I have no cash, just a credit card.The lady with me gave him some money from her purse. He threw it back at her cuz it wasn’t enough & started getting aggressive. As u can see he followed us for some time & got more aggressive.”

Later in her post, Preity Zinta lashed out at paps for laughing when the man was running after her car.

Preity also emphasized that her children were not part of a ‘package deal’ and should not be preyed on or touched/grabbed by strangers. She asked people to think before they judged and stop blaming celebrities for everything.

Preity’s celeb friends, including Hrithik Roshan, Arjun Rampal, Priyanka Chopra, and Malaika Arora, showed their solidarity with her situation. They praised her for speaking out and offered to help in any way they could.

Preity’s Instagram post sheds light on the challenges and difficulties that celebrities face in India. It highlights the need for people to show respect and empathy towards celebrities and their families, and to recognize that they are human beings first and foremost. It also serves as a reminder that everyone has the right to live their life the way they want, without being harassed or judged.

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