Priyanka Kanwar: Revolutionizing Fintech Infrastructure with Falcon

Priyanka Kanwar

Priyanka Kanwar, an accomplished 2x Fintech entrepreneur with nearly a decade of experience in fintech infrastructure and B2B payments, is spearheading a groundbreaking venture in the world of financial technology. As the Co-founder and CEO of Falcon, she’s on a mission to redefine how the most ambitious banks and lenders worldwide operate and introduce cutting-edge financial products.

Priyanka’s journey in fintech began after completing her degree at Yale University. Driven by a vision of a more inclusive financial economy, she co-founded Kite Cash, a B2C payments company that quickly gained traction as one of the early mobile payment apps in India. It became the go-to choice for over 150,000 users across 2000 cities in India.

Dedicated to building sustainable ventures, Priyanka and her Co-founder Prabhtej redirected Kite towards B2B payments, creating a card issuance platform for commercial payments and credit. This allowed banks to offer no-code, white-labeled AP products to their business clients and provide APIs to their tech partners. Kite achieved significant milestones, processing over $300 million in transactions and achieving operational profitability by 2020-21.

Recognizing the widespread need for advanced fintech solutions in the industry, and drawing from their success with Kite, Priyanka and her team launched Falcon. As one of India’s fastest-growing fintech infrastructure companies, Falcon provides a full-stack processing platform. This empowers banks, NBFCs, and tech companies to swiftly develop tailored cards, UPI, lending, and deposit products. Integration is seamless, either through flexible open APIs & SDKs or via instant launch with no-code solutions. The platform addresses challenges faced by over 350 banks and lenders in India, delivering state-of-the-art fintech infrastructure tailored to their needs.

Since its launch in 2022, Falcon has processed transactions amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. The company has garnered significant backing from marquee investors including Rangarajan Krishnan (CEO, Five Star Finance), Shamir Karkal (Founder, Sila Money), Abhay Hanjura & Vivek Gupta (Founders, Licious), Jeremy Solomon (Partner, Nyca & Ex-CFO Affirm), Ali Moiz (Founder, Stonks), and Devesh Sachdeva (MD, Fusion Microfinance), among others.

Priyanka Kanwar’s journey is a testament to her vision and dedication to driving innovation in the fintech sector. With Falcon, she is actively shaping the future of financial technology, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and paving the way for a more inclusive and efficient financial ecosystem.

Check out her LinkedIn and Instagram profiles.

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