‘Rain’s Charming Interruption’: AI images show Zomato delivery executives dancing in Mumbai rain


As the monsoon season is upon us, one can expect sudden rain at any time. And in the rainy season, a lot of foodies love gorging on snacks like pakodas and samosas. Also, if you have ordered food from any food delivery app, then you must have experienced how it takes longer to deliver the order during rain.

However, have you ever imagined what it is like for delivery agents when they have to deliver food in the rain? No, we are not talking about any grim scenario but a set of images generated by artificial intelligence (AI) that show delivery personnel dancing in the rain.

Sourabh Dhabhai, a video production manager from Mumbai, shared the photos that he created using Midjourney, a prompt-based AI software. The photos show Zomato delivery executives wearing long raincoats bearing the company’s logo and rejoicing in the rain as they dance on the streets of Mumbai.

He even posted a notification from Zomato updating about the delivery. “Rain’s Charming Interruption… Oops! Our delivery valet is slightly delayed, caught up and dancing in the Mumbai rain. Apologies for the rain-soaked deliciousness delay!” it read.

“This is what we call campaign that connects the human cord, at last we still have some human in us. Kudos to the team for bringing out such a thought,” commented a user.

“Hi Zomato, Swiggy, I am not sure about everyone, but people who treat delivery partners as humans, will genuinely be happy. They have delivered food for us during Covid, in the summer heat and in the winters. I would say they have earned their rain dance,” expressed another.

“The problem with current AI is lack of nuance. Dancing in the rain seems to be the only positive reaction to the rain. Maybe a more authentic notification would be that your Zomato delivery person is sipping on a hot cup of chai waiting for the rain to slow down a bit so he can deliver your order. There will be a slight delay. Hope you don’t mind,” another user shared his feedback.


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