Ratan Tata advises people to do this before driving their cars during monsoon


Industrialist Ratan Tata’s love for animals is well known. The former chairman of Tata Sons is not just a dog lover but has always been vocal about animal rights. In a tweet Tuesday, Tata raised awareness about the dangers posed to stray dogs and cats in the monsoon season.

As stray dogs and cats take shelter under cars to shield themselves from the rain, Tata urged people to be mindful of their presence. He advised people to check under their cars to make sure there are no stray animals so they are not harmed.

“Now that the monsoons are here, a lot of stray cats and dogs take shelter under our cars. It is important to check under our car before we turn it on and accelerate to avoid injuries to stray animals taking shelter. They can be seriously injured, handicapped and even killed if we are unaware of their presence under our vehicles. It would be heartwarming if we could all offer them temporary shelter when it is pouring this season,” Tata tweeted.

“An Excellent thought Process from a great Thought leader …Highly Appreciated,” commented a user. “Showing compassion towards stray animals during monsoons by checking for their presence and offering temporary shelter is heartwarming and kind. Great share,” another person said. “Your suggestion is heartwarming and encourages compassion towards animals,” wrote another user.


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