Rohit Roy Reflects on Bad Film Choices and Overconfidence in the 90s: ‘People Will Watch Whatever I Do’

Rohit Roy

Rohit Roy, who tasted success in the television industry during the booming 1990s, recently opened up about his regrets regarding his film choices during that era. Despite his initial popularity, Roy admitted that his overconfidence led him to make poor decisions when it came to his film projects.

In a candid conversation with Siddharth Kannan, the actor revealed that his success in television led him to believe he possessed the “Midas touch,” a perception that ultimately proved costly. Roy recounted his journey in the television industry, recalling how he started believing that his popularity gave him a unique edge.

He confessed, “I was still doing my work sincerely, but I started thinking that I have a Midas touch. At that point, I was doing such bad work, but it was getting such good TRP, 22, 24, 26. So I started feeling like people will watch whatever I do.”

This overconfidence led to a string of regrettable film choices. Roy admitted that he opted for scripts and collaborations that he now recognizes were not up to par. He stated, “My choices of films were crap, the kind of people I decided to work with was crap, the scripts I picked up in the initial days were crap. My choices were crap only because I thought that I’m there in this film and people will come to watch it for me.”

Reflecting on his earlier career, Roy recounted an interesting phase when he was offered substantial amounts of money in duffel bags for roles. However, his commitment to finding meaningful and passionate work led him to reject such lucrative offers. “In those days, people would offer me duffel bags full of cash, and I would say I am not in the mood, I’m not having fun with this show. I used to say I am not enjoying the pilot only, what will I do next? Such stupid things…” he recalled.

The actor also recalled a conversation with fellow actor Shekhar Suman, who encouraged him to take up pilot projects. However, Roy resisted the idea at the time. He now acknowledges that such opportunities could have potentially set him on a different trajectory.

Roy’s candid revelations shed light on the challenges that come with early success and the impact of overconfidence on decision-making. Despite his regrets, the actor continues to make strides in the entertainment industry, currently participating as a contestant on “Khatron Ke Khiladi 13.”

His story serves as a valuable lesson for aspiring artists, reminding them of the importance of humility, thoughtful choices, and the continuous pursuit of meaningful and impactful projects. Roy’s journey also highlights the ever-evolving nature of the entertainment industry, where experiences, both positive and negative, contribute to growth and self-discovery.

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