SNAMUN ’23: The Lawrence School, Sanawar Hosts a 3-Day Student-Led Conference


The Lawrence School, Sanawar, set the stage for intellectual discourse and collaboration as it commenced the SNAMUN ’23 – a prestigious three-day student-led conference on Thursday, July 27. Young minds from leading schools across the country gathered at the school’s picturesque campus to engage in constructive debates and discussions on pressing global issues.

The conference, aptly themed “Justice and Sustainability,” aims to foster internationalism, public-spiritedness, and the creation of a safer, more inclusive world. Distinguished guest speakers graced the event and shared their insights on various topics during the opening ceremony.

Dr. Purnima Chauhan, a former Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, emphasized the significance of the “vocal for local” movement even while planning for global reforms. She encouraged the young delegates to be cognizant of the needs and concerns of their local communities while addressing broader global challenges. This sentiment resonated well with the students, inspiring them to envision solutions that are not only globally relevant but also rooted in the betterment of their immediate surroundings.

One of the esteemed guest speakers at the conference is Professor Jasteena Dhillon, a distinguished figure with more than two decades of experience in law and international development. Her expertise and insights are expected to enrich the discussions during the conference and provide the young delegates with a broader perspective on global issues.

Himmat Singh Dhillon, the Headmaster of The Lawrence School, Sanawar, delivered a compelling speech at the opening ceremony. He stressed the responsibility of educators to instill in students a profound sense of duty towards their communities and the world at large. He urged every school, regardless of its location, to rise to the occasion and explore ways to positively impact their surroundings. He believes that empowering young minds to be catalysts of change will lead to a reality that transcends boundaries and fosters enlightenment for all. He emphasized the need to inspire the next generation to lead with compassion, drive progress, and create a more harmonious world.

The agenda of the three-day conference comprises a wide array of crucial topics, reflecting the pressing challenges faced by the global community. These topics include discussions on global crises, women’s leadership at the grassroots level, measures to protect child refugees, and a comprehensive review of Agenda 2030, with a special emphasis on gender equality. Additionally, the conference aims to shed light on significant historical events, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, to equip young minds with a deeper understanding of crisis management and emergency planning.

Rohit Thakur, Minister of Education Himachal and a Member of the Legislative Assembly, extended his warm congratulations and best wishes to all the delegates, faculty members, and participants attending the Lawrence School Sanawar Model United Nations conference. Thakur acknowledged the dedication of the participants to diplomacy, meaningful discussions, and constructive debates, which sets a shining example for future generations. He expressed hope that the innovative minds gathered at SNAMUN ’23 would contribute to achieving impactful resolutions that address the urgent issues highlighted by the conference theme, “Justice and Sustainability.”

The SNAMUN ’23 conference promises to be an enriching experience for all participants, offering a platform for young minds to exchange ideas, develop critical thinking skills, and work towards solutions that can create a better and more sustainable world for all. The Lawrence School, Sanawar, through this initiative, reaffirms its commitment to nurturing global citizens who are well-informed, compassionate, and equipped to address the complex challenges of our time.

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