Steve Jobs’ Handwritten Apple-1 Ad Fetches Impressive $175,759 at Auction

Steve Jobs

A significant slice of Apple’s pioneering history has been acquired through a remarkable auction, culminating in a staggering bid of $175,759. The auction, orchestrated by Boston-based RR Auction, featured an original handwritten advertisement for the groundbreaking Apple-1 Computer, meticulously crafted by none other than Steve Jobs himself. This handwritten artifact provides a unique window into Jobs’ meticulous approach, visionary thinking, and the modest origins of Apple’s journey, emanating from his parents’ garage.

The advertisement sheet stands as a testament to Steve Jobs’ legacy, underscoring his distinctive handwriting with his lowercase signature, “steven jobs.” The piece prominently displays contact details, including the home address and telephone number of his parents—a historically significant nod to the initial hub of the Apple Computer Company.

Amidst the technical intricacies outlined in the document, Jobs’ meticulousness shines through. The draft succinctly outlines the specifications of the trailblazing Apple-1, a computer that laid the foundation for the tech giant’s future. Designed to harness the capabilities of 6800, 6501, or 6502 microprocessors, Jobs’ recommendation leans towards the 6501 or 6502 due to their compatibility with “basic” software. Additionally, he illuminates the Apple-1’s remarkable potential for expansive growth, facilitated by a 65K expandability via an edge connector. This growth would be supported by an assembly of 58 integrated circuits, including 16 designated for 8K RAM.

Notably, the draft introduces the notion of “basic on the way (ROM),” a concept that would subsequently materialize in the form of the Apple II, marking a pivotal divergence from the path of the Apple-1’s development.

The auction of this remarkable artifact signifies the profound impact that Apple’s origin story continues to exert on enthusiasts, collectors, and technology aficionados. Jobs’ visionary mindset and his tenacious pursuit of innovation have solidified his legacy as a transformative figure in the technology landscape.

Steve Jobs’ handwritten advertisement for the Apple-1 serves as a vivid reminder of the beginnings of a company that would ultimately revolutionize the world through its innovative products and unparalleled design philosophy. This rare piece of history encapsulates the essence of a journey that commenced within the confines of a garage and grew to redefine the very fabric of modern technology.

As technology enthusiasts marvel at this unique relic, the auction’s outcome highlights the enduring allure of tech history and the profound value attributed to artifacts that illuminate the origins of groundbreaking innovations.

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