Sunny Deol Shares Heartwarming Anecdote of Grandmother’s Influence on Dharmendra’s Upbringing

Sunny Deol

Veteran actor Sunny Deol recently reminisced about his beloved grandmother and the pivotal role she played within their family dynamics. During an appearance on Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcast, Sunny opened up about his personal life, career, and even expressed his emotions over the success of his latest film, Gadar 2. In his candid conversation, he highlighted the profound impact his grandmother had on the family, particularly in shaping the behavior of his father, Dharmendra.

Sunny Deol affectionately recalled his strong bond with his grandmother, emphasizing her remarkable influence on his upbringing. He revealed that she possessed a unique quality of fearlessly scolding those close to her, including her son Dharmendra, whenever they stepped out of line. Describing the nurturing and yet assertive personality of his grandmother, Sunny fondly shared, “I was very close to my dadi (grandmother), she has been a great influence on me. She was such a giving woman. She wouldn’t hesitate to scold her own when she felt they were wrong.”

As he delved into their family anecdotes, Sunny recounted a particular incident involving his father Dharmendra. He recalled an occasion when his father became upset with a household servant and expressed his anger through harsh words. However, Sunny’s grandmother, affectionately referred to as “Biji,” overheard the exchange and was indignant. Acting upon her conviction, Biji summoned the servant and instructed him to reciprocate the abuse, directing it back at Dharmendra. Sunny described this episode as a testament to his grandmother’s unique personality and her unflinching commitment to fairness.

Reflecting on the values and influences that shaped his character during his formative years, Sunny Deol acknowledged the profound impact of his family members. He shared, “These are the people I grew up around; my grandfather, my granny, my mom. I always say that a child is the output of where you grow, what your family is all about.” When asked about whether his father Dharmendra had ever raised his hand on him, Sunny candidly revealed a moment from his childhood. He disclosed that Dharmendra had once raised his hand, leading to a playful yet memorable incident. Sunny humorously recounted, “Only once. I had three fingers stamped on my face, because that’s how big my face was at the time… Like any other child, I did naughty things. One day, my father caught me and slapped me across the face. Biji got angry at him again.”

In conclusion, Sunny Deol’s heartfelt reminiscence of his grandmother’s impact on their family dynamics provides a touching insight into the close-knit relationships that shaped his upbringing. The anecdote reflects the nurturing yet assertive nature of his grandmother, who played a vital role in instilling values of accountability and fairness. The anecdote also showcases the endearing relationship between family members and the enduring influence they leave on one another’s lives.

As Sunny Deol reflects on the past while celebrating his current successes, the story serves as a reminder that family bonds and the lessons imparted by elders remain an enduring source of wisdom and guidance.

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