Tarun Mehta: Catalyzing Electric Mobility Revolution in India through Ather Energy

Tarun Mehta

Tarun Mehta, the Co-founder and CEO of Ather Energy, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the Indian electric mobility landscape. A visionary entrepreneur, Mehta’s journey from IIT Madras to founding Ather Energy is a testament to his unwavering commitment to sustainable transportation.

After graduating from IIT Madras with a degree in Engineering Design in 2012, Mehta, along with Swapnil Jain, embarked on a transformative journey by conceiving and launching ‘Ather Energy’ in April 2013. Ather Energy quickly gained recognition for developing India’s first smart electric scooter, poised to revolutionize two-wheeler transportation in the country.

During his tenure at IIT, Tarun Mehta was deeply involved in various product development teams and played an active role in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, particularly with C-TIDES. His innovative spirit led him to work on over a dozen prototypes covering a wide range of topics, resulting in six co-patents (pending) under his name.

Driven by his passion for electric vehicles, Mehta made the pivotal decision to leave his job at Ashok Leyland in 2012 to address one of the most significant challenges facing electric vehicles today: battery packs. However, as the team delved deeper into the issue, it became evident that the solution required the design and creation of an entirely new electric vehicle.

As the CEO of Ather, Tarun Mehta provides strategic direction for the company while maintaining close involvement with the dedicated Ather team, meticulously reviewing every facet of vehicle development. His expertise and commitment to electric mobility led him to represent Ather in the ‘Technical Advisory Group for Electric Mobility’ to the Government of India. Additionally, he took the helm of the Electric Vehicle group in the Champions of Change program organized by Niti Aayog.

Mehta, along with Co-founder Swapnil Jain, garnered recognition on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2018 and Fortune 40 under 40 lists in 2017 and 2019. Their innovative product has disrupted the traditional two-wheeler market, solidifying Ather Energy’s position as a pioneer in the field of electric mobility.

Tarun Mehta’s journey from ideation to revolutionizing electric mobility exemplifies the power of entrepreneurial vision and determination. His contributions are not only reshaping the way we envision transportation but also setting a new standard for sustainable and eco-friendly mobility solutions in India. With leaders like Tarun Mehta at the forefront, the future of electric mobility in India looks brighter than ever.

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