UP Teenager Achieves Remarkable 100 Percentile Scores in CUET UG, Sets Sights on Dream College at Delhi University

UP Teenager Achieves Remarkable 100 Percentile Scores in CUET UG, Sets Sights on Dream College at Delhi University

Palak Agrawal, a determined teenager from Shikohabad, Uttar Pradesh, embarked on her preparation for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) with a singular goal in mind: securing admission to her dream college, Hindu College at Delhi University. Little did she expect that her efforts would yield outstanding results, as she achieved a perfect 100 percentile score in six out of the seven subjects she appeared for. This remarkable feat places her among the four candidates in the country to top six subjects in this year’s CUET, further fueling her ambition to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science.

Dedicated Preparation Strategy:

Agrawal wasted no time after completing her Class 12 Board exams, in which she scored an impressive 99 percent. She immediately set her sights on preparing for CUET UG. Recognizing that the NTA (National Testing Agency) had clearly stated that all the questions would be based on the NCERT syllabus, Agrawal began studying diligently from the NCERT textbooks. She credits this focused approach as the key factor that contributed to her remarkable success.

Studying the NCERT Syllabus:

Agrawal’s decision to concentrate her studies on the NCERT syllabus proved to be a winning strategy. By mastering the fundamental concepts and content outlined in the NCERT textbooks, she was well-prepared to tackle the CUET UG exam. This approach also ensured that she had a comprehensive understanding of the subjects and topics likely to be covered, enabling her to excel in her performance.

Motivated by Previous Academic Achievements:

Agrawal’s exceptional performance in the CUET UG exam was built on a foundation of previous academic accomplishments. Her impressive 99 percent score in the Class 12 Board exams demonstrated her dedication and academic prowess. The motivation and drive derived from this achievement propelled her to pursue excellence in the CUET UG and paved the way for her remarkable success.

The Importance of Time Management:

Agrawal recognized the importance of efficient time management during her preparation for CUET UG. With limited time available between her Board exams and the entrance test, she devised a well-structured study plan to optimize her efforts. By managing her time effectively and maintaining a disciplined study routine, she was able to cover the necessary syllabus comprehensively.

Aspiring for a Future in Political Science:

With her exceptional CUET UG results, Agrawal now aims to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science, further solidifying her dream of joining Hindu College at Delhi University. Her passion for the subject and her desire to contribute to the field of politics and governance have fueled her determination to secure admission into her preferred course and college.

Future Plans and Aspirations:

Looking ahead, Agrawal envisions a promising future in the field of Political Science. She aspires to gain knowledge and insights through her undergraduate studies and then proceed to pursue higher education in the same field. With her strong academic foundation, exceptional CUET UG results, and unwavering determination, Agrawal is well-equipped to make a meaningful contribution to the domain of Political Science.

Palak Agrawal’s remarkable achievement of achieving a perfect 100 percentile score in six out of the seven subjects in the CUET UG exam serves as a testament to her dedication, hard work, and academic excellence. Her focused preparation, reliance on the NCERT syllabus, and efficient time management strategies have propelled her towards her dream of securing admission into Hindu College at Delhi University. With her sights set on a future in Political Science, Agrawal’s extraordinary achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring students and highlight the importance of meticulous preparation and perseverance in achieving academic success.

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