Utkarsh Kawatra: Transforming Workspaces and Empowering Dreams Through myHQ

Utkarsh Kawatra

Utkarsh Kawatra, Co-founder and CEO of myHQ has transformed his company from a small basement startup into India’s leading flexible workspace solution provider. Operating in over 10 cities, myHQ has redefined work for over 200,000 individuals and 1000+ corporations. Despite pandemic challenges, Utkarsh’s vision has elevated myHQ and it’s now part of the ANAROCK group. Under Utkarsh’s leadership, myHQ empowers individuals and businesses to work from anywhere, reflecting his commitment to a world where everyone can create magic in their own way.

The journey to success has not been without its challenges. Utkarsh and his team at myHQ faced and conquered three waves of the Covid-19 pandemic. These trials tested their resilience and adaptability, turning each obstacle into an opportunity to learn and grow. The experience only strengthened Utkarsh’s resolve, reinforcing his commitment to his mission of transforming workspaces and fostering a culture of flexibility and innovation.

Utkarsh’s journey with myHQ took a significant leap forward when the company joined forces with ANAROCK, India’s leading real estate services company. This partnership has invigorated myHQ’s efforts to revolutionize workspaces and provide innovative solutions tailored to diverse business needs. myHQ’s comprehensive offerings, from coworking spaces to virtual office registration, have positioned it as a one-stop solution for workspace requirements.

myHQ’s commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. The company offers a hassle-free workspace hunt, complete with zero brokerage, complete transparency, and dedicated workspace experts. This commitment has earned myHQ the trust of over 1,000 brands, including Aaj Tak, Jio Saavn, Airmeet, Aditya Birla Finance, and Flipkart. With a diverse portfolio of over 1500 workspaces, including renowned names like WeWork, COWRKS, BHIVE, and Indiqube, myHQ offers an array of choices that cater to every individual and business requirement.

Utkarsh’s vision extends beyond the realm of business. He envisions a world where opportunities are abundant and accessible to all. His background as a school nerd, coupled with his leadership roles in college, including heading the social service wing (NSS) and founding Enactus, reflects his passion for making a positive impact. Additionally, Utkarsh’s involvement in BloodConnect, a youth-led NGO dedicated to blood donation, showcases his commitment to giving back and saving lives.

Utkarsh Kawatra’s journey from being a school nerd to a visionary entrepreneur exemplifies the power of perseverance and passion. Through myHQ, he is not only transforming workspaces but also shaping the future of work itself. As Utkarsh continues to steer the company towards greater success, his legacy of empowerment and innovation remains an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and change-makers alike.

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