Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu producer Manickam Narayanan accuses Ajith of ignoring him after borrowing money


Launching a scathing attack on Tamil star Ajith Kumar, renowned producer Manickam Narayanan, the owner of Seventh Channel Communications, alleged that several years ago, the actor borrowed money from him, assuring that he would collaborate on a film project in return, but failed to fulfil his promise.

Known for bankrolling projects such as Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu, Coolie, Maanbumigu Maanavan and Seenu, Narayanan told Kumudam, “It happened in 1995-96. Ajith approached me seeking some money for his parents’ travel plans. He made a promise that once he achieved fame as an actor, he would collaborate with me and assured me to adjust this amount to his salary. Trusting his word, I agreed and promptly provided him with the requested money. However, up until now, he has neither fulfilled his commitment to work on a film with me nor repaid the amount.”

“He knows how to act in life alone, not in movies. If he has borrowed money from me, he should acknowledge that fact. Despite labelling himself as a gentleman, his actions do not align with that title. While one can pursue money, genuine respect must be earned and bestowed upon an individual. It is not something one can simply claim for oneself. True gentlemanly qualities should be perceived by others rather than self-proclaimed,” Narayanan asserted.

“My intention is not to criticise Ajith for borrowing money from me. The primary concern I have is his refusal to acknowledge that he indeed borrowed money from me and his unwillingness to engage in a conversation with me about it,” he added.

Mentioning that Ajith’s wife and former actor Shalini was once his good friend, Narayanan further said, “He has a very good family and earns Rs 50 crore per film. So why resort to cheating others? If he truly upholds the values of a gentleman, why not assist producers like AM Rathnam, who suffered significant financial losses while producing his films?”

Manickam Narayanan is probably the only individual within the film industry who has boldly made such accusations against actor Ajith Kumar publicly. Despite Narayanan repeating these allegations on multiple occasions throughout the years, the actor has chosen not to address or respond to these claims.

The producer also attacked director Magizh Thirumeni for “wasting his money” by making him bankroll the romantic comedy Mundhinam Paartheney (2010), which marked the latter’s debut as a filmmaker.

“It took 110 days to finish the shoot for the film. Thirumeni said he will finish filming with a budget of Rs 1 crore. I ended up spending Rs 3.45 crore on it,” he claimed.


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