Viacom18’s CEO Anil Jayaraj on Crafting a Profitable Sports Business


Viacom18, with a strategic vision in place, is poised to develop a thriving sports business, as it makes substantial investments exceeding ₹34,000 crore across various sports properties. This commitment encompasses digital rights for the Indian Premier League (IPL), India bilateral cricket matches, Women’s Premier League, Indian Super League, and the 2024 Summer Olympics, revealed Viacom18 Sports CEO Anil Jayaraj in an exclusive interview with ET.

The recent achievement of securing both TV and digital rights for all domestic and international cricket matches held in India until 2028, amounting to ₹5,963 crore, underlines Viacom18’s determination to strengthen its presence in the sports arena. Notably, this investment translates to a payment of ₹67.76 crore per match, with ₹35.23 crore allocated for digital streaming and ₹32.53 crore for TV broadcast.

Viacom18’s strategic approach aligns with its objective to build a profitable sports business, recognizing the immense potential of India’s sports ecosystem. The company’s portfolio of investments encompasses a diverse range of sports properties, setting the stage for exciting growth opportunities.

Anil Jayaraj, CEO of Viacom18 Sports, emphasized the company’s commitment to nurturing and expanding its sports ventures. Viacom18’s investments span high-profile events like the IPL, which has achieved iconic status in the cricketing world. Furthermore, the acquisition of digital rights for bilateral cricket matches in India reinforces Viacom18’s role as a significant player in sports content distribution.

The Women’s Premier League, an emerging platform for women’s cricket, reflects Viacom18’s commitment to promoting gender inclusivity and providing a stage for female athletes to shine. The league not only fosters talent but also offers a unique entertainment experience for fans.

Indian Super League (ISL), known for its contribution to Indian football’s development, forms another crucial pillar in Viacom18’s sports strategy. The league has played a pivotal role in nurturing homegrown talent and elevating the standard of Indian football on the global stage.

Viacom18’s investments extend beyond cricket and football, encompassing the prestigious 2024 Summer Olympics. This global sporting spectacle will provide the company with a unique platform to engage audiences and deliver exceptional sports content.

In a rapidly evolving media landscape, Viacom18’s vision for its sports business is rooted in innovation, content excellence, and audience engagement. The company aims to captivate viewers through immersive sports experiences, leveraging its strong content distribution network and technological capabilities.

Viacom18’s commitment to building a profitable sports business is a testament to its belief in the growth potential of the Indian sports industry. As it continues to secure key rights and investments across various sporting domains, Viacom18 is positioned to shape the future of sports entertainment in India, offering fans compelling and unforgettable experiences.

The strategic acquisitions and investments made by Viacom18 underscore its dedication to delivering top-notch sports content, fostering sporting talent, and elevating India’s sports ecosystem to new heights. With the building blocks in place and a clear vision for the future, Viacom18’s journey towards a profitable sports business promises to be an exciting one, enriching the sports landscape for fans and athletes alike.

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