With 542 brand logos tattooed on his body, this Mumbai man is a ‘human billboard’


For some individuals, tattoos serve as a profound means to immortalise cherished memories or embody personal significance, while for others, this form of self-expression transcends mere fascination and is a passion. Jason George Mathew belongs to the latter category, boasting an astonishing count of not merely one or two, but 542 distinct tattoos adorning his body.

Former actor and travel influencer Shenaz Treasury recently shared a video on her Instagram, where she delves into Mathew’s deep fascination with getting inked and unveils the stories behind his tattoos. “Crazy or inspiring? Yes, I asked this man to show me his body. Do you know why? Because his body is full of tattoos,” she wrote.

Treasury explained that these tattoos aren’t ordinary designs but rather brand logos etched on his skin. “He calls this the timeline of his life – brands that have made an impact on him, brands that he buys, and brands that he aspires to own.”

Recognised by many as “the human billboard,” Mathew has invested approximately 10 lakhs to acquire these tattoos, a journey that commenced at the age of 16, and has since become an integral part of his identity.

From his first car, first beer, first SIM card, and first email account to his first phone, Mathew has inked all his life milestones with their respective brand designs. When questioned about the presence of the Maharashtra Police tattoo on his body, he responded, “This is because they protect us.”

It is worth noting that Mathew holds four world records for being the most brand logos tattooed human on the planet, and his achievements are chronicled in the Limca Book of Records.

While over 500 tattoos may seem far-fetched to many, several individuals choose to have multiple tattoos. “Therefore, it is crucial to approach the process with careful consideration rather than making impulsive decisions,” Sunny Bhanushali, Founder and CEO, Aliens Tattoo, told indianexpress.com.

Further, he shared the following factors to keep in mind before scheduling your next tattoo appointment.

Size: To accommodate multiple tattoos on your body effectively, it’s paramount to consider the size of each tattoo carefully. It’s common for people to impulsively get large tattoos and later regret dedicating a substantial portion of their skin to a single design. Therefore, taking the time to plan and choose appropriately sized tattoos can help ensure you have enough space for future ink and minimize any potential regrets down the road.

Placement: The location of your tattoo should also be taken into account. Ink fades faster in some areas of the body than others or is prone to stretching and looking deformed. It’s important to do your research beforehand.

Design: Are the designs something that you can relate to? Getting designs that carry an emotional sentiment will always be cherished for many years to come.

Cost friendly: Opting for multiple tattoos during a single appointment proves to be a cost-effective alternative compared to scheduling individual sessions on separate days.

Pain tolerance: If you have concerns about the level of pain involved, it is advisable to consolidate all your tattoo sessions into a single appointment. This approach allows you to endure and overcome any discomfort in one sitting, rather than prolonging the process across multiple sessions.

Visit a reputable studio: A professional tattoo studio is run by artists who are very experienced, and they will also give you their valuable inputs that will extend the longevity of your tattoos. They will suggest great size and placement options based on your preferences.

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