47-Year-Old Mom’s ‘Totally Passive’ Amazon Side Hustle Rakes in $2,700 Monthly

Last November, Matei made her first earnings of $1.28 through the Amazon Influencer Program after posting a short video review of an electrolyte powder.

Andreea Matei, a 47-year-old media consultant, stumbled upon a side hustle that turned out to be a gold mine, making her a tidy sum of $2,700 per month with minimal effort. Last November, Matei made her first earnings of $1.28 through the Amazon Influencer Program after posting a short video review of an electrolyte powder. Recognizing the potential of this venture, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that has led her to generate $21,700 in just eight months from reviewing various Amazon products.

To date, Matei has created nearly 1,000 video reviews, each taking up to 20 minutes to film and edit. Despite the growing volume of content, she manages to spend a maximum of three hours per week on filming, voiceovers, and editing from the comfort of her home in Fort Collins, Colorado. The secret to her success lies in the “totally passive” nature of this endeavor, where the income continues to flow even when she hasn’t had time to create new videos.

As the founder of a media consulting site called Launch Grow Joy, Matei has a knack for side hustles. Her advice for success is simple: identify an audience, listen to its needs, and deliver accordingly. With a podcast, YouTube channel, and health content website among her other side hustles, most of her income comes from ads or affiliate marketing links. However, her venture into reviewing Amazon products has proven to be her most lucrative endeavor to date.

Matei discovered the Amazon Influencer Program while watching a YouTube video that touted it as “the world’s easiest side hustle.” With a substantial social media following, including over 12,000 followers on Launch Grow Joy’s Facebook page, she was accepted into the program. Her daily earnings quickly escalated from a meager $1.28 to $40, then $50, and even $100, prompting her to continue and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Reviewing two to three products in the morning allows her to focus on managing LaunchGrowJoy.com during the day, and she often stockpiles videos to maintain flexibility and take occasional breaks while still earning money. Initially, Matei reviewed products found around her home or family members’ houses. However, she now receives free products from Amazon sellers and gets paid to review them on her social media platforms, expanding the scope of her side hustle.

While Matei’s success story is inspiring, replicating her results may not be feasible for everyone. The Amazon Influencer Program requires a substantial following on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook for acceptance. Additionally, the payouts can be variable due to changes in Amazon’s algorithms. Despite this, Matei finds her side hustle to be a refreshing escape from burnout at her day job, and the extra income has proven to be a welcome bonus.

Undeterred by the volatility of the Amazon program, Matei remains ambitious, aiming to turn her side hustle into a six-figure endeavor alongside her regular business. She recognizes the fickleness of Amazon and plans to diversify her income streams, ensuring her entrepreneurial journey remains vibrant and prosperous. As Matei continues to harness the power of side hustles, her inspiring success story serves as a testament to the potential of turning passion into profit in the ever-evolving landscape of the gig economy.

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