Ajcon Global Advises Purchase of Bank of Maharashtra with a Target of Rs 49


In its recent research report dated August 18, 2023, Ajcon Global has expressed a bullish sentiment towards Bank of Maharashtra, recommending a buy rating for the stock. The research report emphasizes a target price of Rs 49, indicating a potential for growth and garnering attention from investors and stakeholders.

Bank of Maharashtra has showcased robust performance during the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023-2024. The report highlights its impressive credit growth, substantial Net Interest Income (NII) growth, and an efficient operational model. Remarkably, the bank maintains a Cost/Income ratio of 37.23 percent as of Q1FY24, positioning it as one of the most efficient Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) banks.

One of the notable strengths of Bank of Maharashtra is its impressive share of Current Account and Savings Account (CASA) deposits in its total deposit portfolio, standing at 50.97 percent. This is a strong indicator of the bank’s customer base and its ability to maintain stable funding sources.

The bank’s commitment to maintaining a healthy asset quality is evident in its Non-Performing Asset (NPA) metrics. The Gross NPAs are reported at 2.28 percent, while Net NPAs stand at a mere 0.25 percent. These figures position Bank of Maharashtra’s NPA metrics as one of the lowest within the entire banking sector.

Furthermore, the bank’s proactive approach towards managing stressed assets is reflected in its provision coverage ratio (PCR), which has improved to an impressive 98.37 percent. This indicates that the bank has set aside adequate provisions to cover potential losses arising from non-performing loans.

In terms of capital adequacy, Bank of Maharashtra portrays a strong financial foundation, ensuring its ability to meet regulatory requirements and support future growth initiatives. The bank’s consistent improvement in Return on Equity (RoE) and Return on Assets (RoA) also adds to its positive image in the market.

Ajcon Global commends the bank’s management for successfully achieving its previous performance targets and providing guidance for further growth in key areas. The management’s confidence in achieving substantial credit growth and facilitating successful recovery in the fiscal year 2023-2024 enhances the bank’s credibility among investors.

Looking ahead, Ajcon Global provides a favorable outlook for Bank of Maharashtra, suggesting that investors consider a buy position. The recommended target price of Rs 49 is based on a Price-to-Book Value (P/BV) multiple of 2.25x, utilizing the Q1FY24 Book Value of Rs 21.78 per share as a benchmark. This valuation suggests that the bank’s performance warrants a premium, drawing parallels with well-established private banks known for their effective operations and financial stability.

The positive assessment of Bank of Maharashtra’s performance and potential underscores the bank’s significance within the financial landscape. The combination of efficient operations, strong asset quality, and strategic management decisions positions the bank for growth and value creation.

Investors and market participants are likely to pay close attention to this research report from Ajcon Global, especially considering the bank’s performance metrics and the favorable target price projection. The report serves as a guiding light for those seeking informed investment decisions in the banking sector. As the financial year progresses, the actions and outcomes of Bank of Maharashtra will be closely monitored to determine the alignment with the projections put forth by Ajcon Global.

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