Dr. Ruby Tandon: Pioneering Innovative Healthcare and Wellness Solutions

The article is a profile of Dr. Ruby Tandon, a successful doctor and practitioner in the field of Aesthetics & Wellness.
Ruby Tandon

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step” – an age-old adage that aptly applies to Dr. Ruby Tandon’s inspiring story. Her journey as a doctor has been nothing short of extraordinary, from Vancouver to Mumbai, she has truly gone the distance.

Dr. Ruby Tandon’s passion for healthcare and wellness started at a young age, after losing her father at the tender age of 10. Growing up as a child of a single mother, she witnessed firsthand the sheer hard work and dedication required to keep a family afloat. This experience instilled in her a fierce determination and drive that she carries to this day.

Her journey as a doctor began at The University of British Columbia, where she received her Master’s Degree in Medical Physiology, focusing her research on the process of laser technology. She then moved to Chicago to complete her MD and fellowship in Aesthetic Dermatology, eventually settling in Mumbai where she has been working as a private practitioner in the field of Aesthetics & Wellness for over a decade.

Dr. Ruby Tandon’s utmost experience in the field of Aesthetics, Preventative Health and Wellness in first-world countries inspires confidence in the Healthcare Industry. She has always been one step ahead, introducing innovative healthcare and wellness solutions such as Glutathione, IV infusions, Lifestyle DNA testing, and Skincare treatments to create awareness and modernize the healthcare industry in Asia, and especially in India. She pioneered these innovative solutions as an effective way to prevent chronic diseases and improve health and wellness as a whole, and continues to do so with passion, zeal, and commitment.

Her passion and dedication have not gone unnoticed, as Dr. Ruby Tandon has been awarded numerous accolades over the years. She was awarded as the Best Cosmetologist in Mumbai by Prime Time in 2014, and more recently recognized as The Breakthrough Innovator in Cosmetic Dermatology of the “7th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharma Leaders Business Awards”.

Reflecting on her more than 15 years in the Skincare & Wellness business, Dr. Ruby Tandon believes that “becoming a doctor is the best way to make a difference in people’s lives.” She attributes her success to her sheer determination and willingness to go the extra mile. “I’ve never seen any other option than succeeding – celebrating failures as learnings and picking myself back up to keep going,” she says.

Dr. Tandon’s approach to beauty and wellness is holistic, taking into account the whole body and using medical-grade nutraceutical ingredients to target the multiple root causes of skin, body, and hair conditions including hormones, stress, lifestyle, metabolism, nutrition, and aging.

As Dr. Tandon continues to innovate and inspire, her journey serves as a reminder that success is not a straightforward path. It takes hard work, dedication, and a willingness to go the extra mile. “So as you face obstacles and challenges, as we all do, I hope my mother’s advice will help you choose to move forward, find solutions, and make the best of what life has to offer,” she says. “Let’s teach our future generations to be kind and display humanist qualities.

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