Indore City Celebrates The First ‘Shravan Somwar’ With Gaiety


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Thousands of devotees celebrated the first Shravan Somwar with gaiety and enthusiasm even as they waited patiently in long queues at Shiv temples across the city to worship Lord Shiv.

Devotees regularly visit Shiv temples during the month of Shravan, but Monday (Somwar) holds a special significance, so the people who came to the temples were manifold.

The Shiv temples and others like Khajrana and Rajit Hanuman performed abhishek of Lord Shiva was held early morning in all the Shiv temples and also in Khajrana Ganesh and Ranjit Hanuman temple. All the temples in the city including Bhuteshwar, Gutkeshwar, Devguradia, and Lord Shiv’s idols were decorated and worshiped.

Devotees visited temples early in the morning before sunrise and performed ‘Abhishek’. Shivlings were anointed with milk and water. “It is said that by worshipping the Gutkeshwar form of Lord Mahadev, every wish of a person is fulfilled. It is also said that meditation in this area leads to rapid spiritual growth.

This time, the festive fervour will be doubled as the month of Shravan is for two months. Temples will be attractively decorated in all the eight Mondays of Shravan,” said priest Pawan Pathak. Prasadi and Kheer were made available at every temple in the city.

A large number of women participated in the Kavad Yatra and were also seen dancing to the hymns of Lord Bhole. City’s Chakki Wale Mahadev Temple, Rameshwar Temple Company Bagh Siddheshwar Mahadev Temple were all inundated with devotees since morning. Maha Aarti was performed in all these temples in the late evening.

Kavad Yatra

A grand Kavad Yatra was taken out for the 15th time in the city from Janapav, the birthplace of Lord Parshuram, under the auspices of Shri Mandal Ramayana Mandal.

The Kavad Yatra started by filling water from the holy water tank at Janapav.

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