Jaishankar’s 21-Minute Statement After Parliament Disruption: ‘Partisan Politics…’


In a contentious turn of events, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar’s speech on Indian foreign affairs faced disruptions in both Houses of Parliament, sparking a debate on the influence of partisan politics over matters of national significance. The disruption occurred a day earlier during Jaishankar’s address in the Rajya Sabha, where opposition MPs protested, leading to an intervention from the minister himself.

Lamenting the interruptions to his statement, Jaishankar expressed his disappointment, stating, “Sadly, the Opposition repeatedly disrupted my statement in both Houses of Parliament. Obviously, for them, partisan politics was more important than national progress.” He further emphasized his commitment to sharing the critical points of his speech and vowed to present the thrust of his statement in a video shared on his social media accounts.

True to his word, S. Jaishankar posted a 21-minute speech on various social media platforms, ensuring that the essence of his message reached the public despite the disruptions in Parliament. The video delved into the recent developments in Indian foreign policy, outlining the country’s diplomatic engagements and global outreach.

On the day of the disruption in the Rajya Sabha, as Jaishankar addressed the members, a slogan war erupted between the ruling NDA and opposition MPs. While NDA members chanted ‘Modi, Modi’ in support of the Prime Minister, opposition MPs countered with ‘INDIA, INDIA.’ The situation led Jaishankar to question the sincerity of those who claimed to represent India’s interests but were unwilling to lend an ear to matters concerning the nation’s foreign policy.

AAP Rajya Sabha MP Raghav Chadha offered a satirical take on Jaishankar’s speech, dismissing it as an overemphasis on the Prime Minister’s foreign trip itinerary. Chadha remarked, “Under the garb of a statement on foreign policy, Jaishankar spent nearly 30 minutes talking about the Prime Minister’s foreign trip itinerary. But he didn’t read out the food menus, which was sad. How could he overlook such crucial details?”

In his comprehensive video statement, Foreign Minister Jaishankar provided a holistic view of the Prime Minister’s recent foreign visits and India’s engagements with foreign nations. He highlighted the acceptance of India’s vision by other countries and underscored the importance of discussing such matters in Parliament with the seriousness they deserve. Jaishankar stressed that India’s foreign policy is people-centric, guided by the demands and aspirations of Indian society.

In the ever-changing landscape of international affairs, India’s foreign policy aims to represent the voice of peace, security, and prosperity for all nations. Jaishankar reiterated that India speaks not just for itself but for many others worldwide, reflecting the country’s growing influence and recognition on the global stage.

The disruptions in Parliament during Jaishankar’s speech have sparked debates on the significance of engaging in constructive dialogue on vital matters of national interest. It brings into focus the need for bipartisan cooperation and the importance of setting aside political differences to address critical issues that impact the country’s growth and development.

As the video statement reaches a wider audience through social media channels, the public has the opportunity to gain insights into India’s foreign policy initiatives and its efforts to foster constructive international relations. It remains to be seen how the aftermath of the disruptions will shape the discourse on matters of national importance and the level of cooperation witnessed in future parliamentary sessions. The incident serves as a reminder of the significance of civil discourse and the duty of elected representatives to prioritize the nation’s interests above partisan politics.

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