Marlon Samuels Found Guilty of ICC Anti-Corruption Code Violation

Marlon Samuels

Former West Indies all-rounder Marlon Samuels has been found guilty of breaching the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) anti-corruption code. A three-member panel, including India’s Harish Salve, ruled that Samuels broke rules related to his involvement in the 2019 Abu Dhabi-based T10 league. The breaches include not disclosing gifts, payments, or hospitality that could tarnish his reputation or cricket’s integrity. An independent tribunal is yet to determine the appropriate punishment.

One panel member, Justice Kate O’Regan, dissented, saying it can’t be proven that Samuels’ actions automatically put the game into disrepute. Notably, Samuels withdrew from the tournament without playing.

The charges against Samuels stem from his participation in the 2019 T10 league. The breaches revolve around his failure to disclose instances of receiving gifts, payments, or hospitality that could harm his image or cricket’s reputation.

While most panel members agreed that Samuels breached the anti-corruption code, Justice Kate O’Regan offered a differing viewpoint. She argued that the connection between Samuels’ actions and automatic disrepute upon the sport isn’t conclusively established.

Marlon Samuels’ guilt has been established, but the extent of his penalties will be determined by an independent tribunal. This decision will factor in the seriousness of his infractions and their impact on trust in cricket’s integrity.

The conviction of Marlon Samuels underscores cricket’s governing bodies’ dedication to upholding ethical standards. This case emphasizes that all participants, regardless of stature, are accountable for maintaining transparency and conduct. As cricket confronts evolving integrity challenges, such cases contribute to preserving the game’s sanctity and credibility.

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