Sikkim CM Golay Vows to Achieve 100% Transformation in the Education Sector


On the occasion of Teacher’s Day in 2023, Sikkim’s Chief Minister, Prem Singh Golay, underlined the paramount importance of education and made a resolute commitment to bring about a comprehensive overhaul in the state’s education sector.

Speaking on Teachers’ Day, CM Golay disclosed that “50 percent of the work was done” in the state’s education sector, and he pledged to achieve “100 percent correction” for an education sector that had faced challenges. Emphasizing that only “50 percent of the work” had been accomplished in the education sector, Golay remarked, “We feel we have done only 50 percent of the work in terms of education so far,” as reported by ANI.

“There is so much more to do, as education is something we can never compromise on. If we make a 100 percent correction in Sikkim’s education, we will be one of the best states in the country,” CM Golay affirmed.

In his address, CM Golay elaborated on the challenges his government had tackled since assuming office in 2019. One of the major concerns was the regularization of ad hoc teachers who had been working on a temporary basis for over two decades. Golay explained, “We devised a policy for their regularization based on the suggestions made by the teachers and set 8 years of service as a minimum requirement for regularization.”

He further noted, “Now those teachers, who had served ad-hoc for 20 plus years, are regularized. Similar demands keep coming up from other teachers, such as pre-primary teachers who face similar concerns. We will take their suggestions and devise a policy suiting their regularization.”

Discussing the evolving landscape of education, both in India and globally, and drawing reference to the National Education Policy, the Chief Minister highlighted the significant transformations in teaching methodologies. He stressed that education was adapting to the demands of the 21st century, with the government implementing modernized approaches. Beyond imparting traditional bookish knowledge, there is a growing emphasis on providing students with life skills necessary for living and thriving in society.

CM Golay’s commitment to a complete transformation of the education sector reflects Sikkim’s dedication to providing quality education and ensuring that its students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the modern world.

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