Vrienda Ganguly: Embracing Vrievolution as a Spiritual Guide

Vrienda Ganguly
Vrienda Ganguly

Vrienda Ganguly, the granddaughter of legendary Bollywood singer Kishore Kumar, has embarked on a transformative journey that has shaped her into a spiritual guide, and she has chosen the name Vrievolution to represent her brand. After a life-changing 10-day Vipassana meditation course, Vrienda drew inspiration from her grandfather’s charisma and talent, combining it with the spiritual surgeon concept of Vipassana to create her unique approach to spiritual healing.

Vrievolution, the brainchild of Vrienda, is not just a skill but a method she employs to delve deep into the human psyche and heal individuals spiritually. Rejecting the conventional interpretation of “spiritual surgeon,” Vrienda has adopted it as her brand name, reflecting her dedication to dissecting the challenges faced by her clients and guiding them toward inner healing and purification through various modalities.

While continuing to expand her knowledge and expertise, Vrienda is currently studying astrology and plans to introduce her own magical healing spells. These spells are carefully designed by her to purify souls and establish a regular meditation practice, enabling individuals to walk a path of inner growth and transformation.

Under her brand, Vrievolution by Vrienda Ganguly, she offers a range of services that awaken clients to their true life purpose and the missions assigned to them by their higher selves and souls. Through her tarot readings, clients experience life-changing revelations, gaining clarity on difficult decisions and relationships. Her love tarot readings provide detailed insights into complex romantic situations, empowering individuals to make choices regarding their partnerships. Career tarot readings help clients overcome internal financial blockages and offer guidance on how to enhance their success through rituals and spells.

Vrienda’s work extends beyond tarot readings to encompass trauma healing and shadow work. In these sessions, she fearlessly explores her clients’ naked selves, enabling them to embrace all aspects of their personalities and lead healthier emotional, physical, and mental lives. Through inner child healing readings, she delves into the innermost desires of her clients’ 12-year-old selves, fostering growth, self-acceptance, and bravery.

Moreover, Vrienda provides past life readings, unearthing personal past life stories to help clients comprehend their current karma and how to transcend negative patterns carried over from previous lives. She also explores the past life love stories shared between clients and their current partners, shedding light on the karmic ties that bind them and guiding them towards healing and breaking generational and ancestral trauma patterns.

Vrienda acknowledges her mother, Reema Ganguly, as a pillar of support throughout her journey. Reema joined her in the practice of Vipassana to confront and overcome generational issues within their own bloodline. By setting this example, Vrienda inspires her clients to embark on their own healing journeys, fostering family healing and personal purification, leading them to ascend on their next path of evolution.

With her unique blend of spirituality, intuition, and dedication to her client’s well-being, Vrienda Ganguly, operating under the brand name Vrievolution, is a guiding light for those seeking spiritual growth and transformation. Her profound insights and healing methods continue to touch the lives of many, helping them awaken to their true potential and find their own path of evolution.

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