Watch: Men in Mumbai local train jam to ‘Kaanta Laga’, netizens impressed


Crowded compartments and people hustling to get a seat are the general impressions people have of local trains. However, contrary to this popular imagery of crowded public transport, a video is going viral on social media that shows a group of men singing and dancing to the popular Bollywood hit ‘Kaanta Laga’.

The video was posted online by Instagram user kalpesh rane (@1998_roadrunner). Commenting on it, an Instagram user wrote, “This generation is not buried under headphones”.

Another person wrote, “These people leave their house early morning and reach home late evening they enjoy their 2/3 hours journey by singing songs dancing with random people it’s actually very satisfying and its our culture music is the only thing it has no religion no color just pure feelings and we live in India the most beautiful place on earth multiple languages cultures we have everything”.

In the comments, many people also praised the individual who can be heard playing a makeshift drum. “Respect for the guy who’s playing beats like drummer,” an Instagram user wrote.

In March, a similar video went viral that showed a group of middle-aged men singing a mashup of Lata Mangeshkar’s songs inside a train compartment. Before that, in September last year, a video showing a group of women performing an impromptu Garba inside a Mumbai local train surfaced online.


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